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Makeup 101: Figuring Out What Your Undertones Are…WARM, NEUTRAL or COOL?

By Ezinne Onyearugha

Ladies, I’m sure this has happened to you at some point in your lives. You go in to a drugstore and buy foundation, then you try it out and it seems like you are “ashy”. This is because you didn’t pay much attention to your undertones. What are undertones, you may ask?

Skin undertones are the colors that lie beneath the skin.  Even though your skin tone might change, your undertones never change. There are three kinds of undertones, warm, cool and neutral. Most people are usually warm toned. These are just a few easy questions that can help you find out what your undertones are:


When you look at the inside of your wrist, is the color of your veins mostly blue or green: Greenish veins suggest a warm undertone while bluish veins mean you have cool undertones.


Do you look great or terrible in a yellow blouse or dress? How do you look: If the yellow doesn’t flatter you, you probably have cool undertones. If you look great in yellow, you got warm undertones.


Try on some gold jewelry and silver jewelry. Which one looks better on you: If you look better in silver, you have cool undertones. You look better in gold? You have warm undertones. You look great in both? You are neutral.


Do you look better in pure white or off-white: If off-white makes you look awesome that means you have warm undertones. Does it make your skin pure white? Cool undertones.

I’ll be giving suggestions on what colors will suit your undertones in my next post! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog!


About the Author

A young and upcoming “makeup nerd” from Lagos, Nigeria, residing in the United States, Ezinne Onyearugha (preferably called Z-ni) has always had a natural sense of style and diverse creative ability. When Z-ni began to show her interest in makeup about four years ago, she quickly established a reputation for flawless makeup application. Her style is influenced by her favorite make-up artists, Kevyn Aucoin and Bobbi Brown. You are welcome to view her work at

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