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Is Mikel Obi’s Champions League Success with Chelsea FC Good or Bad for Nigeria?

By Obi Martins Okafor



This weekend, the stage will be set for the climatic Champions League finals match between ‘The Blues’ from London and ‘Bavarians’ from Munich.

Only a few would have guessed that, a Nigerian would eventually make it to the finals this season.

The season has brought a couple of upsets, starting from the elimination of Manchester United in the first round stage to the knockout of the almighty Barcelona of Spain, with John Mikel Obi of Chelsea playing a major role in the midfield position during the drama.

One would not be wrong to say that Mikel has always been found wanting whenever he wears the jersey of Nigeria, however, he always emerges as one of the most outstanding players in many Chelsea games. The regular conclusion would have been that most Nigerian footballers these days are not committed, but due to the different playing positions for Mikel when he plays for Nigeria, it is a little difficult to solve the myth. Now we do not know if the playing position is the major factor or Mikel’s commitment to his home country.

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