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Fidelity Bank Launches 0800FIDELITY Toll Free Line

Fidelity Bank Plc, today launched the 0800FIDELITY TOLL FREE number as part of efforts aimed at making financial services easy and accessible to its customers. In a statement by the bank, Sam Obijiaku, General Manager, Operations said that the move will help customers in their transactions with the bank as they would not be required to be physically present in the bank.

He explained that customers can now access their accounts and enjoy financial services from the comfort of their homes and offices or on the move free of charge.

“By simply dialing 0800FIDELITY, even with zero credit and irrespective of   the customers network (mobile or landline), customers can talk with our Service Executives in Fidelity Trueserve who are available 24/7 even on weekends and public holidays.”

Customers can call in to:

  1. Check account balance
  2. Request for Internet banking password resets
  3. Confirm/stop cheques
  4. Request for E-statement
  5. Hotlist stolen cards
  6. Confirm deposits
  7. Make enquiries
  8. Lodge complaints



For CONVENTIONAL phones and touch screen phones

  • Press the numbers directly.
  • Press numbers directly reflected on the letters – F = 3; I = 4; D = 3; E = 3; L = 5; I =4; T = 8; Y =9.    (0800FIDELITY = 080034335489)

For QWERTY phones (like BlackBerry)

  • Dial 0, hold down the “alt” key and press 800, then hold down the “capital letter” key and press FIDELITY l.


For more information kindly call 0800FIDELITY, 01-4485252 or simply send an e- mail to




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