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Fidelity Bank Announces Winner for Creative Writing Contest



Enajite Mary Efemuaye today emerged as the winner of the Fidelity bank sponsored weekly creative writing contest which is in its 3rd week.

Toni Kan who serves as the editor and judge of the Fidelity creative writing blog said “Enajite’s story betrays amazing imaginative power in her ability to eschew the literal for the symbolic. All the entries followed the literal route but hers was a welcome diversion from the norm and it was well written to boot! ”

Read the winning story below:


“What are they saying?” I whispered into Anna’s ears

“Ssshhhh…be quiet”. As the official ‘tatafo’, she was closest to our parents’ bedroom door, her huge twelve year old ears pressed against the keyhole.

A few minutes later her eyes widened and she scuttled away from the door dragging me with her. If our army dad caught us, we would have matching blue-black backsides.

In the safety of our bedroom, she spilled the gist. Uncle Timmy was now a cripple.

We promised not to tell anyone but trust Anna; the entire quarters knew what had happened before dusk.

To read the rest of the winning story and find out how to participate in this contest, visit here

To find out how to participate in this week’s contest, visit here

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