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Monday Laugh!

I know Mondays are not your best work days, so we bring you a little something to make your day enjoyable


An angry wife 2 her husband on phone:

Wife: Hello, where the heck are you?

Husband: Honey, you remember that Jewellery shop where you saw the diamond necklace and you totally fell in love with it? The wife relaxed with a smile.

Wife: Yes, the king of my heart, I remember.

Husband: And you remember I did not have money to buy it for you at that time and I told you “Honey, that necklace will be yours one day”. The wife is totally relaxed with a big smile now and even blushing.

Wife: Yes I remember my love.

Husband: Good, I am in a beer parlour next to that shop!


Come back for another funny story next week Monday. But in the mean time, use us to make your life a bit easier, find what you are looking for on 

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