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7 Ways To A Better Relationship With God


Neither wealth nor fame can replace purpose in a man’s life. The rationale behind man’s creation is to fulfill that purpose in this life. The question is, “What is God’s purpose for each man on the earth?” Without a good relationship with God Almighty, one can never know this for sure. God is a constant in our changing world, and humans are created to reach out, care, share, love and serve because in Genesis (1:26) we are told that God created man in His own image and likeness, and so we all are a reflection of God.

In today’s world, that image of God in man is gradually wearing off, creating an imaginary gap between God and man. Externalities are placed before God, and the craving for wealth, power and fame has filled the communication gap between man and God, essentially making God an option in life.

Time is a very strong variance we all battle with in this life, and God is the Author and Creator of time. We each have the opportunity to welcome God into our lives each day, spend time with God, and tangibly feel God’s spirit in our thoughts, conversations and actions. Encouraging ourselves to cherish the pleasure of knowing God in everyday ways is a joy, and so is recognizing one simple fact in life- that God is the reason for our existence.

In as much as we are God’s reflection, we are not perfect. We all make mistakes; that’s why the word “forgiveness” exists. Therefore, no matter how far we have derailed we can still have a better relationship with God. He cares and He is a God of second chances.

Here are 7 ways we can have a better relationship with God.

1. Pray

Prayer is a healthy communication with God Almighty. Prayer is simply carrying on a conversation with God, the same way you communicate with anyone you love. Prayer helps you explore your relationship with God. Just like any relationship, learning to know and be known by God takes time – a lifetime. Make time each day to visit with God. Share your thoughts and listen for God’s words for you. You may like to keep a prayer journal or dedicate a portion of your existing journal to your visits with God. Decide what is important to you and mention it to God. You will always find a listening ear and an open heart. Remember also Jesus’ words concerning prayer, “Pray then in this way…” (Matthew 6:9-13). Prayer changes things. Prayer creates wholeness with God. Pray or worry; you can’t do both.

2. Praise and Worship

Praise is a key to God’s heart, because the act of praising Him, exalts his Holy Name. Praising God, thanking God, and giving God your attention is an important part of feeling closer to the One who creates, redeems and sustains us. How and where you choose to worship is a personal choice; it could sometimes be in community and at other times in private. Worshipping and honouring God connects us to God’s ongoing work in the world and refreshes our souls. While worship may have been framed as an obligation, a duty or a task at other times in your life, this may be a good time to rethink worship as a gift to yourself that only God can give.

3. Study the Word

There is no other way to gain knowledge than to study. Why study? It’s a big world that God has created to share with us. Making the effort to expand your world to include more of God’s creation expands your image of God, making it a whole lot easier to see God in action. Other ways to incorporate study into your life may be available through your local church’s adult education programs, your local library or the internet. Being open to study and learning keeps our minds open to God’s presence and purpose.

4. Fellowship and Serve

Spending time with friends, family and our faith community adds richness and depth to our lives, just as God intended. We were created as individuals, but also for community. We are all in this together, sharing space and sharing our lives. God’s gift of fellowship emphasizes the value in every one of us and demonstrates how we each contribute to God’s purpose as a whole. Whenever we gather in fellowship, we remember that God is with us, indeed, with all of us.

While fellowship reminds us we are a part of a larger purpose, service is the gift we give to that purpose. With prayerful thought, you can find some great ways to share God’s loving spirit with those around you in ways that tap into your gifts to serve. Serving is giving the best you have to offer to God’s community.

5. Act on the words

Words are weapons. Whether you know it or not, you live by what you believe. Living by what we believe is more than following a routine of rudimentary actions we think makes us look like we believe in God. How does God’s love inform your life? How does God’s grace inspire you to act? Actions sometimes do speak louder than words because actions show us and those around us that we mean what we say. Be absolute when you speak, change your world with your words.

6. Meditation (Reflect Internally)

Meditation and reflection on your relationship with God will take you to a whole new level. Giving yourself permission to appreciate that God created you, loves you, redeems and sustains you every moment of every day of your life, is exhilarating. You belong here, nestled in the strength and beauty of God’s love because you are a part of God’s creation. With such thoughts engraved in your mind, you will feel larger than life itself. Meditation creates a serenity that makes you feel closer to God.

7. Enjoy Life (Life is Beautiful)

“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). Jesus’ words from John’s gospel remind us that life is not a war, a contest or a race. Life is a gift, a pleasure and a journey designed with you in mind. Having been created in God’s image, it is time to celebrate. God created us with love and delight, and wants to give us the desires of our hearts. Enjoying life is another way to feel closer to God.

There is no better life than the one with God, because with God it always gets better.


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