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CN Interview: Chilling With Simply Rich!

He is the next big thing in the music industry in Nigeria. If I were to describe him in one word, I would call him “amazing”. He is in a league and class of his own. He knows the art and act of music. His voice is enchanting, welcoming like fragrance from an open door. A master of the guitar; a major in Soul Music fused with Pop, Hip Hop, Afro Pop and Reggae. Poetic by nature, a story teller via music, his kind of music is etched on his lifestyle. Simply-Rich is a definition of music.

Brief Biography

Richard Otogboro, popularly known as “Simply-Rich” is a Nigerian, born in the early 80s on the 12th day of July. An indigene of Isoko in Delta State, Simply-Rich is a shade of beautiful personalities, ranging from revolutionist of positive movement via spoken word, to comedian and business man. An academic achiever, he holds a National Diploma in Social Works and a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology/ Anthropology from the University of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria. Simply-Rich is a professional musician, Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Guitarist.

His first single, Chop Chop, rocked the air waves in 2009 and was followed by another hit single Follow the Leader, featuring Maleke & Emilliano, an Austrian based artist. Follow the Leader has been a public anthem since the year 2010, winning the Best Lyricist award from the South-South Music Awards (S.S.M.A) in 2010 and Edo Entertainment Awards’ Best Collaboration award. He also released a smashing hit single titled “Too Much Money” in early 2012 which has been rocking the air waves, along with his latest hit single, “Go Low, another hit rocking the clubs. So tell us about your background?

Simply-Rich: I am Richard Otogboro popularly known as Simply-Rich. I hail from Delta State, Nigeria, a native of Isoko from Delta State. I craved for good music growing up as a child in the town of Warri. What is your music genre?

 Simply-Rich: R&B and Soul Do you have a live band?

Simply-Rich: Yes So, what kinds of songs do you perform with your live band?

Simply-Rich: Songs of living and late legends Are you under a record label?

Simply-Rich: I am not under any record label. I run my personal record label, it is called Simple Records. Simple Records is based in Benin, it has not gone public for now. What is your assessment of the Nigerian Music Industry?

Simply-Rich: The Nigerian Music Industry is moving fast and guys are trying, as you can see; a lot of international collaborations and label partnerships. But we need the support of the Government. What are your plans for the music industry?

Simply-Rich: My plan is to further a different side of music that Nigerians have long waited for. What are your plans for your first album?

Simply-Rich: I really want to do my stuff to let people feel me, but I have worked with Kaha, I am also talking with J Martins. There is no release date yet for my album but I have a single, and a video that Maleke was on. Growing up, who was your role model?

Simply-Rich: Growing up, I never really had a role model, but was inspired by some artistes like Boys 2 Men, Billy Ocean etc Do you have any single on air now?

Simply-Rich: Yes I do. “Go Low” is on the radio- Beat FM and Wazobia FM, and Rhythm 93.7 What are your hobbies?

Simply-Rich: Reading, swimming and playing basketball If you did not do music, what would you have done professionally?

Simply-Rich: I wanted to be an engineer, because that’s my father’s profession, and he was very good at it, but as time pass I shifted pavement, because I discovered I am artistic and I possess comical skills. I dropped the engineering dream to be who I am.


LISTEN: Simply Rich – Go Low


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