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How To Get Rid Of Stress

By Kiki Omeili.


Stress can be a result of being under too much pressure or doing too much work. At the point where work or pressure becomes too much for the body to cope with, then we say that a person is stressed. The normal working state of the body is called “Homeostasis” and anything that removes the body from this state will causes stress. Stress point or level, however, vary by individuals, a situation that is stressful to one person may actually be motivating to another. So, we define our own stress!

People who live and work in a city like Lagos with the fast-paced life and harrowing traffic will tell you that, traffic is the number one cause of their stress. Other causes are extra responsibilities at work, family problems, relationship problems, money, loss of a loved one, etc.

Stress could be physical, mental and emotional. When stressors – the conditions that cause stress – come, stress hormones are released; then stress symptoms. These symptoms could range from depression, to irritation, to anxiety and stomach problems, headaches and muscle tension are also likely.

I recommend studying yourself to figure out what your personal stressors are. Examples can be where you are, what you do, who you were with, how you felt at a time, etc. Knowing what stresses you will make it easier for you to avoid it, or manage it. Keep a stress diary if possible.

The complications of stress are numerous. Stress is implicated in the development of hypertension and other serious diseases. People going through physical and emotional stress may even start losing their hair. Sometimes women who are under stress may not get their periods regularly until the stressor goes and the level of stress hormones in the body fall back to normal.

To manage stress; first, remember to BREATHE! Deep breath does wonders for the body and the state of mind! So the next time that crazy driver cuts you off in traffic and yells at you, just breathe! Or when someone is bugging you and asking stupid questions, you should stop, breath deep briefly, and answer.

My other recommendations are warm baths, listening to music, talking to a trusted friend, warm milk, massages with scented oils and eating chocolates (Chocolates release the endorphins – the feel good hormones!)

Generally, avoid anything that stresses, just RELAX! Life is short, be happy, not stressed!



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