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Shoes: A Woman’s First Love!

By Oritsegbubemi Peace Pessu.


            I love shoes! A weakness I just discovered. Irony is, I love them high considering that I am almost 6 feet if not more (don’t know my height, funny isn’t it?).

Women love shoes and that is a fact. The question is how many pairs of shoes should you really own? And how many of them are basic and essential shoes that every woman should have in her closet?

As varied as we women are, the selection of shoes we should have is quite easy to acknowledge or select. Most women buy shoes for mainly three reasons: to boost the self-esteem, to feel good and to drive the other female peers to into deep fits of jealousy. Thus enlisted below are those selections that would really satisfy the third motive of shoe purchases when female friends come around:-

1. Sneakers:You’ll need them for the gym. You’ll need them to walk the dog. You’ll need them for housework. When it comes to women’s shoes, sneakers are the place to invest. Every woman has her own idea of what sneakers look best on her feet, but no matter what you choose make sure that it has ample support, or enough room to insert orthotics.


2. Painting & Gardening Shoes: When your sneakers are too ratty looking for cute outfits, it’s time to refit them for a new use. You only need one pair of women’s painting or gardening shoes in your closet. Of all the pairs of women’s shoes you own, this should be the only worn pair you keep. Chuck the others.

3. Every Day Shoes: Women’s shoes range from stilettos to skimmers, to go with a range of outfits. But your everyday shoes should be versatile enough to go with almost everything you wear on a daily basis. If you’re a stay-at-home mom, maybe a cute pair of tennis shoes will go with your shorts and jeans. If you work in a business-casual environment, a pair of comfortable loafer pumps might work with skirts and slacks. Don’t rule out an everyday pair of sling backs or mules either.

4. Low-Heeled Black Pump: When it comes to women’s shoes, you’ll always need a low-heeled black pump. It will work in the office. It will work with a dress or a suit. Whether it’s a date or a business meeting, these shoes will almost always be appropriate. If you need a little more stability in the heel, a tapered version is perfect to round out women’s shoe wardrobes.

5. Nude Pumps: When black won’t work with an outfit, nude pumps almost always will. Moreover, if you’re wearing a skirt and your skin is light, it will elongate the line of your leg. (The same principle applies to darker neutrals if your skin is darker.) Again, if you need more stability in the heel, try a tapered version of the nude pump.


6. Red shoes: Everyone has a Dorothy inside of them. Trust me; you WILL need a pair of red shoes when the right time comes.

7. Flats: There will be days when sneakers will be inappropriate for your errands and high heels will not be comfortable enough. This is why women’s shoe collections should always include a semi-casual flat. You’ll probably wear these with jeans or khakis, so feel free to experiment with color. But keep in mind that women’s shoes often come with less support than their male counterparts. Flat doesn’t necessarily mean comfortable. When shopping for women’s shoes, always consider whether or not it will accommodate an insert.

7. Metallic Sandals: Metallic Sandals are not only trendy, but they work as neutrals in a summer wardrobe or for a night out at a club. Women’s shoes are seldom both fashionable and comfortable, but if you can find a pair that combines both, buy them no matter how much they cost. If you find casual metallic sandals, buy those too.

8. Tall Boots: Sexy, made to protect your feet from the weather and a nice alternative when you’d like to wear athletic socks and a skirt, tall boots are a staple of women’s shoes, and should have a place in your wardrobe. If you have wide calves, don’t worry, they make tall boots for you too.

9. Fancy Shoes:Embroidery, embellishment or jewels. Whatever you fancy, fancy is the order of the day. You’ll wear these shoes to jazz up a solid dress for an evening out, or to dress up a pair of jeans for casual Fridays at work. Maybe you’d like a bright red wedge or a crushed velvet heel with rhinestones, or a beaded flat. The aesthetic of women’s shoes allow the option for whimsy, and here’s your chance.


10. Comfortable Slippers:Women’s shoes are noted for the way they pinch the toes, strain the ankles, and otherwise cause pain for the sake of fashion. Your slippers should be different. Plush, cozy, and warm – sliding into your slippers should make you want to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book.

Well, I think it’s high time you reassessed your shoe closet and make sure that you have the appropriate shoes for the appropriate time and appropriate place. Hmmm, it’s funny because I’m going to have to do that too.

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  1. Avatar


    15th September 2012 at 9:31 am

    This is a wonderful piece Miss Pessu. Of course I”d have luved an article on men’s shoes too but I guess you’re better with the ladies. Keep it up.

  2. Avatar


    20th September 2012 at 5:50 pm

    Mr Shanks, i think she did wrote about men’s T-shirts sometime ago……… *winks* but to be frank, i believe that she is really doing a good research because its not EASY

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