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Squash Mosquitoes And Ride Okadas with Maliyo Games!

By David Stephen.

Even at some posh places in Nigeria, rustic experiences are not uncommon. People there understand the chances of mosquito bite, without adequate precautions. Some of these experiences extend beyond Nigeria, to many parts of the sub-Saharan, and we have it because we are Africans and, economically developing.

These experiences for all, either in the past, or present can be assessed online but thanks to Maliyo Games who has packaged some of these as games, on the web and mobile.

Maliyo Games presently has 10 games, which can all be played online, on its website. One of the games, Okada ride which is about riding through a road and avoiding tricycle taxis and port holes, with scores tied to timing and accuracy, is available on mobile, via Nokia ovi store.

There are interesting games on the list like Mosquito smasher – smashing with the thumb and clasped fingers, mosquitos coming out in their numbers, the number of mosquitoes smashed in the given time is scored; My Village – is a poker game, where you will be required to open two matching stuffs associated with villages in Nigeria; and The Tribes – a puzzle where you will choose a tribe, and will have to arrange the people to be dressed from a random set, the score is based on time and click count.

The games are interesting, simple, and suitable for low bandwidth users. Scores can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter, according to the Oluseye Soyode-Johnson, a partner and consultant to Maliyo Games on the business model. He also said the games get the African experience to the global audience. The CEO of Maliyo Games, Hugo Obi, said they have South African and Kenyan users in the near term plans, and also a Facebook version of Okada ride will be available soon.

Maliyo Games was featured at the May edition of Co-Creation Hub Developers Parapo. Attendees had a product experience session, and spoke with the Maliyo team on how to leverage their work for value creation. MALIYO creates casual browser games with African Themes, Narratives, Environments, Characters and Sound, in Co-Creation Hub’s introductionMaliyo can be found on Facebook and Twitter.


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