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You Love To Dance: Learn The Gangnam Style!

Nigerians love to dance. We as a people adopt our own dance steps and the dance steps of other people. There is the azonto, the alanta, the etighi and so much more from different parts of the world.

The latest dance taking the world by storm, just like the Macarena who also took Nigeria by storm too, is the Gangnam style. This song and dance is by South Korean pop musician, psy.

The video on YouTube is the most liked video ever uploaded on YouTube and the dance is actually a storyline. The dance resembles the movement of horse riding and horse riding is unique to those who can afford a horse (or those who just want to take horse riding lessons). For you to afford a horse, being rich enough is a good option and the people who live in Gangnam-gu district in South Korea know all about being rich.

Gangnam-gu is the most affluential district in South Korea. Psy is, in other words, telling the ladies that he will be their rich boyfriend hence the “Gangnam” in the song.

Maybe if we all did the dance we might be able to convince someone how big our wallets are… or maybe not.


Watch and learn Gangnam Style:



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Dami is the editor and business developer for she is an On-Air Personality and also an Artist with a focus in sculpting and pottery.

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