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Lagos Mulls On Bicycle Lane On Major Highways

By David Stephen.

Still reeling from its unpopular ban of motorcycle-taxis on major highway in the state, the Lagos Government has announced its intent to create bicycle lanes on major highways in the state. The state Commissioner for Transport, Kayode Opeifa, at an event called ‘Park and Ride’ yesterday discussed the need and government effort.

He said, “What is alternative to Okada (motorcycle-taxi) is the bicycle, anybody who wants to take a bike (motorcycle-taxi) from their house to the bus stop, should use their bicycles. And when they get to the bus stop they should tie their bikes to the poles provided at the bus stop and join the BRT buses. The poles we are providing at the bus stops are not for decorations but for people to tie their bicycles.”

He continued, “All over the world, from London to Stockholm to Buenos Aires, people now ride their bikes to work because it saves the environment of the gaseous emissions that is harmful to the environment.”


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