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Nokia Offers Solar Phone Chargers To The Nigerian Market

Developing further on ease with using its products and consumer satisfaction, leading mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia, has introduced solar-powered phone charger to the Nigerian market. The charger, DC-40 solar charger, will be useful to recharge phone batteries and will be powered outdoor, with solar energy. It will cost 2, 560 naira at retail outlets in Nigeria.

According to a Nokia statement, “The technical solution is a thin film panel, measuring 165mm x 237mm with a long cable and 2mm Nokia plug interface. Weighing only 93 grams, the solar charger is highly portable. The solution is incredibly simple and efficient. With one minute of charging, consumers will get approximately two minutes of talk time.”

“The solar charger can be best used in direct sunlight, four hours is the standard charging time for full charge on a 1000mAh. The solar panel can still be used indoors without direct sunlight but it will be most efficient if used outside.” The charger is being tested first in Nigeria and Kenya, where there reportedly a high percentage of people who do not have access to electricity.

Speaking on the product, the Vice President of Nokia West Africa, James Rutherford, said, “There are numerous advantages to this solution, including being able to service consumers outside of regular electricity supply, or those who need a quick charge on the go, however, perhaps the greatest benefit is the cost saving achieved by being able to harness the natural resource of the sun. Nokia prides itself on its ongoing sustainability programs to minimize power usage. This solar charger provides an extremely environmentally friendly solution that is free of CO2 emissions.”


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