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Poem of the Week: The Long Road Home

By Eru Kobe Godwin


Eyes closed, a rush of cold wind,

Wakes me up to a blur reality,

Naked alone I came into this world,

A frost of brown dust, innocence, an extension of heaven,

Tender her palms, she caress with passion, Love from a Mother,

Gentle, soothing like the hands of a porter,

Her Glands gave life to me, Guided with words,

The Lord’s Prayer (Mathew 6:9),

My father, Time never led me to your warm embrace,

The fangs of death took you from this field of slavery,

Family, those i toil beside, from dusk till dawn,

Every sunrise, every tear is a step to the shores of hope,

The scars etched on my skin, is a road map to a place called home,

Nothing stays the same, dark clouds gather,

Dreams pour down like rain,

My life a journey, destination painted with choices,

A stage , a scroll, an ink , a pen,

On a dusty path my story I write,

A long road home.


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