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RoadPeer Launches New Traffic Mobile App For Lagos State.

Lagos, the major hub for businesses in Nigeria, is known for harrowing traffic situation. The government understands this and has put measures in place to allay it; this includes an agency dedicated to traffic control, a Traffic FM, strict traffic laws and road construction and repairs. Traffic is still there and further measures are sought to taper it. Certain citizens are managing traffic reports through the online social circle, and there are also applications dedicated or contributing to that.

Recently an application – RoadPeer – has launched towards the solution objective. Roadpeer is a location-based traffic information app for viewing and reporting traffic conditions on major roads in Lagos. It uses maps and GPS, allowing view and reporting with a click of the button. RoadPeer gathers user-reports and uses an intelligent programming algorithm to analyze and publish the most accurate traffic conditions to all its users in real-time.

Road Peer also has a social-networking feature, where those in traffic can share information; communicate on alternative routes and conditions of the road. The application is expected to go viral because of the growing number of smartphone users in Nigeria, and will also be useful to other states in Nigeria like Ogun, Rivers, and Edo where traffic is also an issue. RoadPeer is on Facebook and Twitter.

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