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The Perfect Jeans For You!

By Oritsegbubemi Peace Pessu.


Sometimes I hate buying jeans because the frustration of finding that pair that is right for my body type is a hassle. Most times I end up compromising and buying a pair of jeans that look like I might have borrowed them from someone else. Unfortunately and fortunately for me, jeans just happen to be what I wear most of the time (if not ALL of the time) thus, I had to find a solution to my dilemma.

In the process of trying to help myself I got to understand that one can get a perfect pair of jeans for any body frame; so, ladies, you’ve probably heard of a few basic women’s body shape categories (maybe 3 or 4) that we supposedly all fall into, right? Well, it has been observed that there are at least 12 distinct body types, all of which need their own considerations when picking flattering outfits including flattering jeans! Right now we will deal with the “so I might be pear shaped” ladies!

“So I think I might be a pear…”

And you might very well be! But, more likely, you could also be the more common Bell or “Skittle” (British lingua for bowling pin) types. While many cuts will flatter all 3 of these shapes, each has its own characteristics that can be played up by choosing very specific cuts of denim.

The Bell: Made famous by Sir Mixalot and his one-hit wonder, the Bell boasts both a great behind and enviably long legs. While you’re the envy of less bootylicious women everywhere, you may find it difficult to find jeans that feature both the extra-long inseam you need and a contoured waist that will cover your ample butt.

Features to look for:

A wide leg – this will balance out the disproportion between your skinny calves and your butt, a lower rise in front with a contoured waist – this will add length to your torso and balance you out, while the higher back rise will prevent you from flashing people, cuts that run a size or two bigger in the hips than in the waist – this will prevent the dreaded “gap waist,” which plagues you and the Hourglass more than any other body type and looooong inseams!



The Skittle: You’re probably wondering what a Skittle is… well, apparently, in the UK it’s a bowling pin! Basically, you probably went through life thinking you were a pear but wondering why you didn’t have much of a butt. They are actually two distinct shapes (but probably genetically related), and the Skittle is one of the most common out there, especially if you’re Eastern European or East Asian. The good news is you are quite easy to dress! Many of the big premium denim brands feature flashy pocket details that will fill out your booty, and a lot of cuts feature both roomy thighs and stretch fabric, both of which are essential for you. Since your legs are short in proportion to your height, it’s probably fairly easy for you to find a pair with thrashed hems, cut off the damage, and have a pair that’s good as new!

Features to look for:

Fun pockets – crystals, thick stitching, flaps, you name it! As long as it adds interest to the butt area, it’ll make you look more bootylicious, generous thighs, stretch fabric – unless you’ve got a pair that runs really big in the thighs, rigids probably won’t get past your knees, or they’ll at least be really uncomfortable when you’re sitting down, a somewhat higher rise – since you’re long-waisted, these will make your legs look nice and long. Too high, though, and you’ll get the pancake butt effect. A boot cut or straight leg. Since you have generous calves, tread carefully in the area of skinny jeans, while the tiniest of Skittles can look great in them, they won’t be comfortable on most of you. Very tall Skittles can also really rock a pair of supah-flares or wide legs, but petite girls will get swallowed up in them.


The Pear: D’banj might like big butts but he isn’t the one trying to find jeans to fit them! If you share the Bell’s bubbly butt and thighs and the Skittle’s less-than-lengthy legs, congratulations, you really are a pear. While you might feel awkwardly disproportionate, especially when you’re buying size XS extra-long tops and heading to the size large short-inseam pants rack…you’re actually super-easy to shop for in the area of jeans! Your nearly perfectly-shaped butt makes almost any brand look great, and the burden is on them to create cuts that will actually fit over your thighs. Since this is my own body type, I’ll have a LOT of fit advice for my fit twins out there!

Features to look for:

High rises – they’ll do double duty in balancing out your figure, both lengthening your legs and covering your behind! Cuts that run small in the waist compared to the fit of the hips and thighs – nobody likes a gap waist. (Luckily, your long torso makes your waist slightly more proportionate to your hips than those of your Bell friends), trouser cuts – as long as they don’t have those annoying angled slash pockets in front, which don’t get along with our thunder thighs. (Actually, you could probably just stitch down those pockets and avoid the problem.) Clean front trousers are best. Wider legs in general – boot cuts, flares, etc. Straights are about as narrow as you should go and skinnies should be reserved for boot-stuffing only (nor will our calves ever fit into skinny jeans–straights look like skinnies). Thicker, stretch denim will make your life easier, though I’ve found rigids that fit me really well too. Large pockets – preferably without too much detail, if you’d like to minimize your butt. You could always draw attention to your best asset with some pocket bling, though!

That’s for the pear-bodied ladies; hope you enjoy your finding. I promise to talk about others later. Ta ta.

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