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HOW TO: 8 Steps to Writing a Book on Your Business

Book writing is a booming business now, thanks to the renewed emphasis on reading. Nowadays, it is no longer wise to hide things in a book if you don’t want a black man to find them. Blacks have started reading. However, most of the books we read are on business and self-help topics. So if you want to write a book that trains people on your area of expertise, now is the time to do it! There is a market waiting for your product.

But how do we make the product?

Just follow me. We will need:

  • A pc (personal computer) or a pen and a notebook
  • A good table and chair for writing
  • Lots of time or a period of time daily
  • Maybe a camera for some illustrative pictures

Step 1: Find Your Spot

Find a place where you are comfortable writing. Most people writing from home find the dining table just the right height for them. It also is not comfy enough to encourage sleeping. If you are employed, you might want to stay back at work an hour every day, resume an hour earlier, or use your break time.

Step 2: Figure Out An Outline

Outlines generally go: beginning, middle, and end. Your book should have an introduction- start from the beginning, maybe the things needed to start the business, work up to how to run it and conclude with some tips on how to be different, or how to find/create a niche. With your outline done you are ready for the main stuff.

Step 3: Start Writing

Not everyone starts writing from the beginning, but with the outline by your side you will remember that the beginning is still pending if you choose to start from the middle or end. You just might feel more comfortable writing about where your business is now, than what you started with. It is okay, as long as you start. Make time every day to write your book. Write as much as you can per day.

Tip: Write every day, even if it is one line you write, keep the flow going. If you miss a day, your mind finds it harder to get back on track for the journey.

Step 4: Make it Read- Worthy

Put it in a format that can be read by others. If you wrote it by hand, type it up or give it to someone who can type it up for you. Keep a soft copy on an external storage device like a flash, or a cd.

Step 5: Sample It

Print out a copy and give someone in your field to go through it. Then give a layman to read and ask questions on anything he doesn’t understand. That way you are sure your book cuts across a wider range of individuals.

Step 6: Edit

Very tedious, after all, you wrote it, now you have to go through it again, line by line. After that, run it over to a professional book editor. When both of you are through, you are ready to ship it out.

Tip: The editing stage is super important. Many people leave it out, especially when they deem the services of a professional editor too costly. But a well edited book will sell much better than one filled with errors.

Step 7: Publish

This involves:

  • getting the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for your book,
  • getting a good cover that will attract passers-by,
  • getting the book printed

You will have to work with a printer and perhaps a publisher. You might want to self-publish, and if you have a business name already, it is possible to publish under the name of your business, if book publishing is one of the activities of the business.

Step 8: Sell! Sell!! Sell!!!

This is the money making phase, you market the book using all available media, plan and execute book launches, make guest appearances at events and talk about the book. At this time do try to maintain accurate records as you sell, you need to get back the capital spent on creating your product.

Tip: You should have started marketing the book right from when you have a cover, even before then, if possible. 

And there you have it, a recipe for book writing success. Wow! Look at you, you are an author. I look forward to seeing your reprints.


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Chojare Pamela Agboga is a Legal Practitioner, Writer, Editor, Chartered Secretary and Administrator. She is currently working on her first novel 'Weekends are for Loving' as well as a devotional for women.

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