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Monopoly debuts City of Lagos Edition Next Week


Bestman Games present the first city in Africa edition of monopoly game in Lagos. This will be called the ‘City of Lagos Edition’ and will launch on December 11. Monopoly is the biggest board game globally and many played it in Nigeria while growing up. The game was brought in, in partnership with the Lagos State Government, GTBank, First Bank and other partners.

In a statement by Bestman Games, they submitted that, “Millions of Nigerians grew up playing the iconic board game. The images of Mr. Monopoly, advance to go and the ‘Free Parking’ spaces are etched permanently in the hearts and minds of people across the country. Several memorable family moments have been defined by the playing of the game. It is such moments that this special edition aims to revive amongst the youth and other segments of our population.

“This is one of several reasons that the City of Lagos Edition has enjoyed the full endorsement of the Lagos State Government. The government aims to use this novel tool to educate people about some of the laws of the city that are so often overlooked, to promote financial literacy and tourism.”

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