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Enkindled by the President, FERMA Commits to Fixing Roads


Nigeria has a road network of 90,000km; 34,000km belongs to the Federal Government, and the 56,000km – left, a liability of States and Local Governments. The Federal Roads and Maintenance Agency (FERMA), this week, acknowledged its responsibility to maintaining roads that belong to the Federal Government, and urged State and Local Governments to be responsible for roads they own.

According to the Chairman of FERMA, Jide Adeniji, the funds required to repair the roads have been provided by the President, hence there should be nothing standing in the way of its maintenance.

“Well, we are doing our best” he said. “When we took over, the level of dilapidation was very bad, but thank God for the effective President that we have. He has encouraged us a lot. Two months ago on AIT, I told listeners that if the rehabilitation and maintenance of the roads is not properly done, I should be held responsible and not the president, because he has done his part by releasing money to us. Ours is to make sure that these things are done thoroughly.”

He further stresses, saying “We have 34,120km road network that belongs to the Federal Government and a 56,000km that belongs to the state governments. So if we do the roads that belong to the Federal Government and the states refuse to do theirs, you find out that it amounts to nothing.”

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