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O’Spaces: Brilliant Structures, Amazing Designs.

GTBank Lekki, constructed by O'Spaces Nigeria

GTBank Lekki, Constructed by O’Spaces

Ever seen something brilliant? Like an evocative work of art, or a classic movie, or even a breathtaking building structure? Great things can only be done by great men, people who go the extra mile and pay attention to detail.  Excellence is always brilliant to behold, even in building structures.

O’Spaces Nigeria Limited, since 1991, has been known for excellence and brilliance. From public to industrial projects, to residential and commercial buildings, their mark of quality and distinction is evident in all their projects. The company handles renovation to construction from the ground up.

Building construction, with great customer service

O’Spaces is popular amongst its clients for its integrity, exceptional performance and outstanding customer service. The company pays attention to its client’s needs, however peculiar they may be, and ensures each project is delivered on time.

Building design and construction

The company has employed talented and motivated engineers, architects and technicians to deliver the highest value possible. O’Spaces has completed the construction of some magnificent public structures, including GTBank Abeokuta, ARM head office, and The Ford Center.  Even their residential buildings are nothing short of outstanding. The Vines, Nuport Apartments and Rocknet Building are residential projects by O’Spaces.

According to Ralph Marston, “Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.” O’Spaces Nigeria Limited has the attitude. Visit their website to check out their projects and clients.

To contact: O’Spaces Nigeria Limited:

Address: 19 Military Street, Onikan, Lagos.

Telephone: +234 1 6290463, +234 803 411 0411, +234 808 290 6575


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