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Poem: The Rejected Ones

By Pamela Agboga

I never knew it would hurt this long

You said it would be sweet,

and sweet it was, but not for long

nine months’ pain and shame

but now it’s past, now at last

I find my joy again.


They never told me it would take this long

But glorious the day it arrived

To seek what was abandoned thirteen years

I wore my gloat with pride

For your blood that runs not in your skin

Shall loath and detest you well

I was a very good learner, but a teacher better yet.


You’ll never know till it hurts too much

And makes you want to die

For forgiveness is lost, it waited too long

and now bitterness must thrive

for come 21, we shall keep singing this song

when the child becomes a man

the blood that runs not in your skin

shall shun you once again.


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Chojare Pamela Agboga is a Legal Practitioner, Writer, Editor, Chartered Secretary and Administrator. She is currently working on her first novel 'Weekends are for Loving' as well as a devotional for women.

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