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The Steve Harris Diaries: How to Get Ahead



So, I’ve been doing some studying on the life of David. Seems he was a “nobody” until got his BIG BREAK and lopped off Goliath’s head. So what were the principles that guaranteed his success and can they be applied in 2013?

You bet they can!

So here are a few of my thoughts on HOW TO GET AHEAD. You might consider them a bit Machiavellian in application, but hey, they work!



1. Practice with smaller battles in private places

2. It’s better to succeed with an audience of none, than to fail with an audience of thousands. GET IT RIGHT THE 1ST TIME!

3. Choose your battles carefully! The boxing heavyweight champion isn’t always the strongest boxer. He just knows how to choose his battles better than the other boxers!

4. Answer the question, ‘what’s in it for me”. If it ain’t worth it, don’t do it!

5a. Negotiate everything! Never negotiate when you’re hungry! David asked “what shall be DONE for the person that kills Goliath? Remember, the bigger the problem, the bigger the solution; the bigger the solution, the greater the value; the greater the value placed on that solution, the bigger the money paid and the bigger the money, the BIGGER THE BOY! Nuff said!

5b.You don’t have to do it for free! David traded cash for glory, fame and a profitable marriage! Find out what the acceptable trade off is and make it. Imagine if David took cash alone!!! He’d have sold his opportunity and never been the King’s in law and future successor! Find out what is being offered. If you don’t ask, you don’t know and you’ll get short-changed

6. Don’t keep quiet when the stakes are high! Nothing happens until you speak!

7. Family and friends are gonna be the first to knock you down. Take those hits, get up and keep moving! Remember Eliab? Read your Bible, have you read it this year? Never mind! He dissed David and asked “you runt, where did you leave those miserable sheep of yours” Don’t worry, when you succeed, everyone’s gonna claim you as family! “I’m his father, she’s my child”

8. Folk are gonna give you 1000 reasons why you can’t be who you can be. They may be right! But here are 3 reasons why you can!

a. You’ve got Hunger for Success

b. You’re tired of the same status quo

c. If you get it right, you can trace the day your life changed to this one moment!

9. Talk the talk! And let those in authority hear about what you can do. You only got one shot. NOW! If you talk big, be ready to back it up with action!

10. You need a reference of small, past achievements in private moments to give you confidence to step up to the big leagues. Hope you’ve killed your lions and bears!

11. This battle ain’t about you! Get your ego outta the way! It’s about what God wants to do through you!

12. You don’t change your armour and weapons just to impress anyone and be politically correct

13. Using weapons you’ve not tested before the battle will get you killed! If i were you, I’d start honing my skills with an arsenal of weapons

14. Take off every weight that will slow you down before the glory shows up! Here’s where we get rid of all those character flaws and sins that seem to stick to us like glue…any ideas? Get rid of them. FAST!

15. The tools you’re deadly with are all you need! Make sure you have enough AMMO!

16. Get ready, cause folks are gonna laugh at you. Do your job right, and you’ll laugh last!

17. You need a classic, short speech! Tell people what you’re gonna do and guaranDAMNtee that you do it!

18. Don’t doubt or second guess yourself. Run towards what others are running away from!

19. Take your shot now!

20. You need proof that you killed Goliath. It’s possible that people will see you kill him and deny you the credit later! GET THE EVIDENCE! What’s better than A HEAD (get it)?

21. Keep the armour! You’ve earned it as your spoils!

Go get ‘em Tiger!

Your Life Strategist


Steve Harris is a motivational speaker and Chief Executive Officer of EdgeEcution (pronounced Edge – E- Cution), a Management Consulting firm that assists its clients in gaining the competitive edge by enhancing the performance of its people through consulting and training interventions. Learn more at, and follow him on Twitter @iamsteveharris


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