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Tip of the Day: Save Time by Banking Online

Most Nigerians surprisingly have not embraced online banking for various reasons; security, none functioning websites, lack of interest, and so on. Instead of wasting time waiting for what can seem like eternity at banking halls, switch to online banking and experience freedom.

You can begin with baby steps by utilizing about 30% of the functions available; transferring money online, making payments via ATM and checking your account balance. From there you can progress to international wire transfers, and whatever else you used to do in the hall, saving you time, which is money.

Nigerian banks have gone to great lengths to ensure that their websites are functional, secure and user friendly. Recently, a few of them released apps for phones and tablets. It would do you and the society a lot of good to use them instead of making trips to the bank- cutting down traffic for instance.

If you are not convinced that the sites are secure, you can open two or more accounts to distribute your funds until you’re confident; one with internet banking and ATM, the other(s) without.

This is your tip of the day.…Need it? Search it, Find it!


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