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Top Valentine Ideas for Kids



Valentine is everywhere. It is not a public holiday but that does not stop institutions from acknowledging it. So don’t be surprised when your kids come back with that letter asking you to ‘val’ his/her classmate. Don’t be dismayed either. We know your gift choices are limited. What can you get at such short notice?

  • Framed Pictures: When I was really little, my crush back in the days val-ed me with a framed picture of Aladdin and Jasmine, looking into each other’s eyes. Now, this gift was great for three reasons- It wasn’t perishable, which means I never forgot about it,  I loved cartoons- especially Disney- most children still do, and third, my favorite pastime was drawing and coloring. These traits are still common amongst children- they still love cartoons and most like to color, at least draw. This gift choice is also very available, just check in any gift store around.
love disney


  • Beautiful Journals: Even as an adult, I still love receiving journals. They are like a blank cheque, an open field- they seem to gently whisper “you can do anything you want“. The concept of freedom resonates with kids. Also, seeing as they spend most of their time in class, rather than dawdle, they can write, they can draw, they can express themselves. They are also non perishable, so in 10 years time when they are strutting about and feeling all grown up, they might stumble on it and revisit their childhood.


  • Stationery: Personal stationery makes kids feel special. Especially colorful, unique looking kinds. Don’t you remember when you graduated from pencil to pen in primary three? Did it not feel good?
fluffy pens


  • Hair accessories (for a girl): Hair accessories always come in handy, and are readily available. Your kid gets to see his/her val wear it one day and comes home feeling special too.
hair accessories


Football (for a boy): Guys really value their football. After a game with their friends, you need to see how they gather it in their arms- they don’t care that it had just been kicked around- and keep it lovingly in a corner.

ball boy


It’s like their first love. Also, football might a good pastime to encourage now, thanks to the Super Eagles.

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