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Valentine’s Day: New Beginnings

Capitalize on Valentine’s Day to rekindle your relationships. Life is filled with undulations, wrap around circles of change; nothing stays the same. Countless times, people say love doesn’t exist; it can be amusing because the only time love hurts is when you are not having it. Humans are created to share, care for and love one another. Love is never complete until it’s expressed via words or deeds.

A relationship is like owning a brand (business). Rebranding and repositioning is vital in satisfying clients and keeping business flowing. In a situation where, year in year out, a brand offers the same thing (product and service) over and over again, with time it becomes monotonous; clients (customers) will lose faith in your brand. The same goes with relationships. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result, is like one wanting a cow to give birth to a lamb; it doesn’t work that way.

A lot of relationships turn sour because some people don’t honour the welcome of new things. They stick to old habits and ways of life; they listen to the same genre of music, wear same kind of clothing, have the same circle of friends and eat same kind of food. Life turns out to be a routine. Love is like a game of soccer, if you don’t change for the team, the team will change you. So why don’t you go with the flow of life, open your arms to innovations, lean towards varieties that will spice your love life; use Valentine’s Day as a turning point.

Valentine’s Day is an exquisite occasion that speaks of love, tenderness and romance. It’s a day that attracts colours, bright lights, fancy restaurants, resorts, floral homes, parks and reserves. To love is beautiful and to be loved is like a post card from heaven. Everyone wants to be different, in other words it makes us the same. We all want to do something special for our loved ones on this day, but no idea is original, what makes the difference is the style we put into it.


Here are some beautiful ideas to rekindle your love life, beginning from Valentine’s Day:

Young Couples (Young in love/ newly married couple)

Young couples are so tangled with technology, using it as a means of communication (Social Media), this hinders or takes the actual place of the supposed quality time spent together in a relationship. In the real sense it leads to social isolation. Use this valentine period to do the reverse- make time out, meet physically and indulge more in each other. Spend quality time together, rediscover yourselves, pamper, cuddle, learn your love languages and express love using words or love notes. Find a common ground on something new to love; it could be a new kind of dance, cuisine, or a new of way of living (health). Finally, exchange gift that reflect your personalities.

For the newly married couples, your love life is still fresh and hot, don’t let it go cold. For the men invest more on the male kits (Cologne, after shave, body spray and perfumes), bring out the masculinity in you, and be attractive to her. Make her world revolve around you, match her style and taste, look more into the direction of male underwear, everywoman wants something different. Be classy in your choice of gift, for jewelries ask if she is the gold, silver or the pearl type. A change of appearance can do the magic, change your hair style; beards will definitely change your looks if you are the hairy type .You can reshuffle your wardrobe, add more of the collection that appeals her the most .For the women make him search for your glimmer. The night is for the both of you; invest more on lingerie that is exquisite, scented candles to light up the ambience of the room. A new hairdo will be a sense of appeal, a change of your wardrobe comes into play also. Be his feminine replica, match his taste and style. If you are both lovers of good movies, the classics will just be perfect for a start. Go far from the regular, dinner on a roof top, balcony, pool side or garden will create a different level of togetherness. If you don’t have such create one. Exchange gifts far from the regular every day gift.


Advanced Married couples (Married or together above ten years)

Ten years and counting, this set of couples have spent a good part of their lives together, most times they feel there is little or nothing more to bring to the table. In this phase of life, going beyond the boundaries of your thoughts is just a perfect solution to rekindle one’s love life. Use Valentine as a starting point.  In the line of dating, we all have fantasies we crave, places we all love to visit before we turn grey. Capitalize on those thoughts, turn fantasies into reality. Opt for a retreat, work in accordance with your budget, creating a new horizon to your love life and relationship. A new environment and exotic places stretches the borders of our mind, for a couple it creates moments of clarity.

Make reservations for two at a spa, hotel, or resort and give yourselves a treat- break out from the everyday life living. Dinner for two in a classy restaurant, going to the movies is also a beautiful option, if you are lovers of good music; for art and poetry, there are lots of suitable arenas.

New experiences bring out new ways of life. Humans are wired for change. The mind are like elastic, once it goes beyond a certain limit, it can’t remain the same.


The Old (thirty years of marriage and above)

This phase of life is beautiful, a phase in life where you sit back, relax and count your blessings. At this phase in life, one is aging gracefully, thanking God for life. Most times all that matters here is family. A family reunion and a cook out is one way to light up their world, where all family members will be present, with their husbands, wife and kids. A situation where families (children) live far apart, a visit will be ideal for the holidays, to spend time with their children and grand children.


No matter the phase one is in life, love is all that matters.


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