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8 Tested and Proven Strategies to Get Your Dream Job

By Shola Akinyemi


Do you dread Mondays? Are you tired of being stuck in a rut? Earning good money but unfulfilled in your job? You need to make a transition to the job you were actually created to do; your dream job. Here are 8 ways to make that happen.

1. Know yourself: Find out what you love to do the most and what you think you will struggle with- know your strengths and weaknesses. Look for a job that maximizes your strengths and minimizes your weaknesses. One person may be a natural at sales while it may take someone else years of training to be able to become a salesman.
2. Create a strong “why”: This is your reason…be honest with yourself because this will invariably determine your level of success on the job. Avoid “whys” like…I need a job to pay my bills, they are NOT strong whys and majority of the people who have this mindset are jobless. Look for a strong “Why” and your bills will be paid when you are hired.

3. Identify the organizations you can work with: This will be dependent on your strengths and weaknesses. Unless you are a beggar who has no choice, the fewer the companies, the better for you. Make sure the companies have room for growth and talent development. You cannot afford to exchange your time and talent for cash only!

4. Research into those companies: Read all you can about the companies you desire to work in. It portrays seriousness and a strong desire. Subscribe to their e-newsletter, and ask questions like a potential client. Knowledge will always give you an advantage any day, any time.

5. Build strategic networks: Build a strategic network with people in those companies (especially managers & senior staff). Social media has made this easy. Become the friend of the CEO of the company you intend to work with on facebook and linked-in. Simply build an innocent and decent relationship. Time and chance will sort you out!

6. Sell Solutions: If you get the opportunity to initiate business conversations with your “new network”, make sure you identify some problems within their organization and also propose solutions. They will soon start asking what you do and how you can help. People don’t need employees; they need “solutions” and “helpers”.

7. Do something: Don’t ever be caught “unemployed” at anytime in your life…it is a mark of unseriousness. Volunteer somewhere, become an independent salesman for a company in your neighbourhood. Do something…the experience will be relevant. When you are busy, it is a sign that you are valuable to someone!

8. Pray: Prayer works. Align your desire with the infinite intelligence. You need to invoke the power that can influence the thoughts of other men. Avoid religious chants and observances and simply connect to the Supreme Being. It creates a balance between what you think is possible and what is really possible!

Always remember that your dream job may not be the one with the highest pay, Look out for the one that helps you LEARN while you EARN!


Shola Akinyemi is a passionate and highly celebrated voice of freedom – social, spiritual, political, economic and financial freedom. His unadulterated passion to see enterprise development become our reality in Africa has been described as infectious and also contagious. He writes full time, speaks sometimes and trains on financial intelligence.


e-mail:  ;  Mobile: +234 803 4444 524

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