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Eskimi Partners With Tiketmobile, Giving Mobile Users Easy Access To Buses




Eskimi and Tiketmobile have partnered to bring bus tickets to the mobile phone. Tiketmobile provides an easy and convenient means for travellers to find, buy and use bus tickets. Eskimi sponsors Tiketmobile with display media advertisement to take the service off the ground.

“We think that it’s really important what Tiketmobile is doing. They are one of the few cool start-ups in Lagos solving real problems. We decided to sponsor Tiketmobile with Eskimi advertisement because their service is not only convenient for the end-users, but also helps the whole industry of mobile commerce”, Vytas Paukstys CEO of Eskimi commented on the partnership.

“During this period, Tiketmobile has experienced daily growth in user sign-up by 150%. User visitors have grown and we are in the eyes of our real target users. Not just visits, sales have been made too”, Celestine Ezeokoye, Co-founder and CEO of TIketmobile shared some results of the partnership.

Eskimi launched mobile money customer marketing platform in 2012 and already launched large customer acquisition and education campaigns. “All mobile commerce ventures are important for Eskimi since we are working in the mobile money marketing field. Tiketmobile will be integrating mobile money as way of payments which creates addtional value to our mobile money customers”, Vytas continued to explain the reasons for the partnership.

We will be following up on this partnership and bring you updates as soon as we have them.


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