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Listen Up! Nigeria’s Future Depends on You

“See you a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings…” Proverbs 22:29

Nigeria is a nation that predominantly consumes- both goods and services- but hardly produces. However, although we have been blessed by God with vast mineral resources, He has blessed us even more with talent.

In the last 10 years, two categories of people have been the staple of Nigerian media; those who have been in bed with the government and those who have taken their God given talent and done something with it. Other than politicians and their business men and women friends, who do you hear about on a daily/weekly basis? Take 10 seconds and think about it.

You hear about entertainers, sports men and women, writers. These are people who took what God gave them, worked on it, improved on it, worked on it some more and finally when their time and chance came, they were ready.

Indeed, necessity has made us hone our talents and improve them. Nollywood celebrated its 20th anniversary this March (2013). The industry didn’t just magically become what it is today; people thought it up, worked on it and today it is being celebrated by people all around the world. Even the president hosted a dinner party in honour of Nollywood.

So ask yourself this, what is your gift? What talent do you have that you think is worth nothing?

Tara Durotoye (House of Tara) became rich and famous from doing people’s make-up…

Tara Durotoye Wiki


Her husband Fela Durotoye, became successful from talking others to success…

Fela Durotoye CN


Omotola, from pretending in front of cameras to be other characters…

Omotola CN


Cobhams Asuquo from arranging music…

Cobhams Myspace


Peter and Paul Okoye (P-Square) from dancing and singing…

P-Square wiki


Chimamanda Adichie, winner of one of the most prestigious titles in writing (the money was good too) said she was just writing what her father told her.

Chimamanda Adichie


Recently, a little-known guy helped Nigeria win the AFCON 2013 cup; his name is Sunday Mba. After that day, his name became a household name. On the other hand, his coach, although known, was not believed in; yet Stephen Keshi believed in himself and brought back the cup.

sunday-mba CN

stephen keshi

When you think of Jamaica, a nation of just two million people, two names come to mind- Usain Bolt and Bob Marley.

Bolt Pose

Robert Marley

Yet their exploits have taken the name of their country global, branded their country as wonderful and brought about a prosperous tourism industry there.

When Nigeria is mentioned, what will come to mind? When people talk about Nigeria, will your name be mentioned? And will it be for good or for bad? The choice is yours.

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