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SPC Patterns Consulting Presents Relationship Management & Effective Selling Skills Programme


Great and successful salespeople do not just focus on selling – they have a genuine interest in helping customers get what they want and need through the building of relationships.

SPC Patterns Consulting is pleased to offer its moderately priced training on Relationship Management & Effective Selling Skills. This training will hold on the 16-17 May 2013.

With the changing economic landscape and trends toward globalization and technology, businesses must learn how to transit from mere transactions to building partnerships through relationship management. This training programme is aimed at equipping all customer-facing and non-customer-facing employees with the knowledge and skills to effectively build their brand.

Every customer that enjoys the products and services offered will introduce another five customers if the relationship is well managed. Staying competitive in today’s market space requires a marketing strategy that differentiates a company among its competitors. Managing the dynamics inherent in sales activities are key issues in effective marketing.

Note that registration to this program is currently open and will stay open one day to event.


  • Latest Changes in CRM.
  • Customer Engagement, Trust & Transparency.
  • Internal Customer Relationship Management – You and Your Colleagues.
  • Benchmarking Against Best Practices.
  • The Cost of bad Service.
  • Exceeding, Rather than Meeting Customers’ Expectations Through Productivity.
  • The importance of client care in the business environment.
  • Building rapport and creating strong working relationships.
  • Communicating with your clients.
  • Understanding client behaviors and styles.
  • Recognize the power and impact of positive sales mindset.
  • Understand the role of a salesperson and the consultative sales approach.
  • Develop the characteristics of a star salesperson.
  • Identify and map the buying motivation and needs of the customers.
  • Learn the steps of sales cycle – prospecting, presenting, closing and follow up.
  • Practice specific questioning techniques for uncovering customers’ intellectual and
    emotional needs.
  • Improve and adapt your communication styles to address different types of
  • Apply empathy and active listening to read customers’ cues and interest



  • Relationship Managers
  • Wealth Managers
  • Sales Staff
  • Marketing Staff
  • Senior Managers

Great and successful salespeople do not just focus on selling – they have a genuine interest in helping customers get what they want and need. Effective selling skills are what differentiate the average salesperson from one who can rise above the competition. In this course, you will be introduced to the characteristics of a successful salesperson, the critical phases of selling, key selling skills for uncovering and responding to customers’ needs, communicating for relationship-building, handling customers’ objections, and customer retention. Gain the skills, confidence and professionalism to make your sales a

This course provides insights on the importance of positive sales mindset and consultative sales process with emphasis on specific development of selling skills for better sales results. The skills-building activities include developing new business, questioning and active listening for effective sales dialogue, resolving customer objections, managing sales relationships, closing sales, and more. The trainer uses a team/peer-based learning approach to actively engage participants in open discussion, feedback, and sharing tips on effective selling skills.

Participants learn through mini-lectures, assessments, group discussion, role plays, skills building activities and simulation case studies. These activities are designed to enable the participant to leave the course with a clear understanding of the selling process and key selling skills to becoming a better salesperson.

The objective of this program include to:

  • Help salespeople improve their sales outcome by cultivating a positive mindset and client-centered selling approach.
  • Help salespeople develop on the application of a consultative sales approach with the right set of selling skills to plan and control the sales cycle, building customer trust, addressing customers’ needs and making sales in the shortest possible time.
  • Improve the effective selling skills by leveraging on communication strategies that include questioning, active listening, problem-solving, handling objections, closing sales and empathy skills during the entire sales process.
  • This course is suitable for novice and experienced participants. It is designed robustly to provide both basic concepts and principles for novice participants as well ample opportunity for experienced participants to amplify the principles and concepts through reflection on their own work experience.

Training Fees: N30,000 this fee covers expert tuition, course brochures and tea break, Lunch (Buffet) throughout the duration of the programme.

Venue: TAE SUITES & HOTELS, 11, Oyo Close Parkview Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Time: 10am Daily

For Details and Registration E-mail:, or call Kelechi: +2348096311689, +2348054448597 , +2348096311690

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