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Are You Comfortable? Creating a Conducive Work Environment


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An environment conducive to the conception and growth of enterprises on a sustainable platform encourages the legitimate quest for profit. The environment alters every form of nature’s perfection in mankind, and since humans are all created the same, their level of variation is dependent on the environment type (nature vs. nurture). Environment creates behavioral patterns in human development; either positive or negative depending on the factors we are exposed to. The work environment has physical and psychological effects on any worker or staff of an organization.

An accommodating and conducive work environment is a key factor for any organization. This is because results are achieved by the input of humans; a work force. A comforting environment increases productivity and job satisfaction, which has a direct impact on the financial status of any organization. For productivity to be at its peak, an energizing environment must be maintained at all times. To create a conducive work environment, understanding what motivates employees is key and it could be premised on two factors, Physical and behavioral. They are as follows:

Equipment and facilities

Equipment and facilities used by workers to perform tasks should be in good shape and maintained regularly. Invest in equipment that increase output by reducing the amount of time it takes for the worker to get fatigued, for example; ergonomic keyboards, computer anti-glare screens, high back seats, sound equipment, tools and furniture. These make work easier for employees and reduce workplace injuries .The provision of the listed items can reduce stress in the workplace, making it conducive.

Work space and Atmosphere

A healthy workplace atmosphere reduces stress. Plants are one way to add livability, hominess and improve the quality of air in your work environment. Lights, adequate windows, and air circulation are elements that add to the quality of a workplace environment. Décor, carpets, furniture, framed artworks, decent supplies and plenty of space also contribute to overall workplace comfort. Proper ambience and a less formal atmosphere instill a pleasant excitement. Music is a language we all relate to; playing soft background music can help reduce stress. Interesting wall paint or wall paper also affect personalities and output.


Office of Square. Photo Credit:

Noise-free environment

A noise-free working environment is universally accepted as a standard. A noisy environment can reduce productivity in most professional jobs. If the business is located close to a factory or motorway, sound proof walls will be ideal, to protect employees from such exposure. In cases whereby employees are unavoidably exposed so such pollution, such as where heavy duty machines are used, safety gear should be provided for their ears.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is a crucial skill entrepreneurs must acquire. Disagreements are common in the workplace due to different beliefs, lifestyles and culture. Conflict in the workplace affects productivity, and creates an unfriendly environment. Failure to properly resolve conflict worsens the initial conflict, because there is a possibility of a bigger outburst in future. Resolving conflicts is of great importance; proper conflict resolution techniques should be applied.

Open arms to creativity

Stereotypical jobs and working environments reduce passion and productivity; it works according to the law of diminishing returns. Diversity creates room for creativity; creativity breaks borders and gives employees the leverage to express themselves. Prejudice and stereotyping along religious and gender lines are a setback in work places. Entrepreneurs should admire diversity and give room for innovative ideas. Opening the arms to creativity is not just for productivity alone but will create a friendly workplace. Employees will have a more positive opinion about their job roles or titles, because they will see themselves as part of the team, not just as individuals. This can be done by building friendly working conditions. When the workers feel secure, they come out with new ideas.

Make the workplace fun

Everyone wants to be associated with a level of fun or happiness, so make your workplace a fun place to be. Don’t get it wrong, fun and play are two different things. Find reasons to celebrate together, such as birthdays, promotion, dedications, anniversaries and have small parties to mark such events. Break away from the regular daily routines and have fun, after all some moments of togetherness well help to rejuvenate the lost passion.

Creating a work friendly environment takes time, but in the end it pays off, because productivity is an aftermath of comfort.

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