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Fascinating App, Gidi Mobile, Brings You Around and Takes You Away!

gidi-Gidimo, or gidi mobile, is an app with content and features that are useful to educate, entertain, keep you from boredom and enhance daily living. Gidimo has a special SMS feature for a little over N1:00, and aggregates news, updates and real-time data for users. Gidi mobile has four verticals, gidiChat, gidiSMS, gidiBrains, gidiLife.


According the its website, GidiSMS lets you send messages to anyone, on any network, in any location at N1.95 locally or N8.95 internationally. Once you open the app, simply click on the Compose new message button, type in the number/name of your phone contact you want to send a text to, type in your message and click send. You can also send messages to multiple contacts, just follow the same steps, but instead of typing in the number/name, click on the menu button and click on “Add Multiple Contacts.” With this, you can send text messages to all your friends informing them of that surprise birthday party at a very affordable rate.


GidiChat lets you chat without limits, with anyone, on any phone, anytime, anywhere for FREE, including your Facebook friends. Just download the app and register. Connect and chat with your Facebook friends right from the app.

Add or invite your friends, and at the same time control who can chat with you by accepting or declining friend requests.


GidiBrains: Prepare for exams anywhere you are, anytime. You can prepare for your university entrance exams, or your school leaving certificate exams while on the go.  Play quizzes on any topics you can think of: movies, football, notable people, riddles, common diseases, all free of charge. Practice for you certification exams such as ICAN, CISCO, GMAT etc., with standardized questions.



GidiLife: Stay informed with news headlines, live scores of your favorite sports, cinema & flight schedules, exchange rates, and in future- vote for your favorite reality TV shows.


There is a gidi wallet that you can recharge for premium service for the app. To load your wallet and get more freebies, you can use QuickTeller by going to or any QuickTeller-enabled ATM close to you with the payment code “55555.″ You can also load your wallet using Paga, by sending money through any of the Paga payment channels using the payment code GIDI.

You have to be at the right place at the right time to live life to the fullest, so always know what’s popping in and outta town with gidiLife. So what are you waiting for? Live on the go, live gidimo!

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  1. Avatar


    17th May 2013 at 3:32 pm

    Nice one!
    Good to see naija guys stepping up to the plate with home-made apps!
    How do we get the app?

  2. Avatar

    Ikenna 'c Ike

    27th September 2013 at 7:47 pm

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