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Who to Follow on Twitter: Beauty & Style Pros


Wondering which handles to follow on Twitter this weekend?

Looking good is good business, and there are twitter handles whose primary objective is to make sure you know all there is to know about caring for your body and clothing it appropriately. For tips on looking and feeling good inside and out, follow:

1. @AcneSkinSite

Bio: Acne, beauty, skincare tips & inspiration. All that you need to look & feel better about yourself.

Tweets We Love:

Drink lots of water this summer to keep your skin hydrated and not become dehydrated.

– Stress is one of the top contributors to acne. So stress less and find ways to relax throughout the day.

– Daily moisturizing is the best defence against dry skin. #Moisturize

– Lemon juice has astringent properties that will help shrink blemishes. Dab some on affected areas. Wash off after 30m or leave on overnight.

– Don’t dread bedtime. Embrace it. Good sleep will help you and your skin look and feel your best.


2.  @erumucreations

Bio: Beauty and Wellness consultancy company. Fitness, nutrition, skincare, makeup & lifestyle.

Tweets We Love:

– 5 laws of beauty – Beauty is first within, then without #lawsofbeauty

– Dietary fibre-fruits, veggies & grains promote a feeling of fullness after you eat, which can help with weight control/loss. #myhealthandme

– Tomato is known to be a natural antiseptic. Intake and application works wonders for your body, internally & externally #tipstostayyoung

– A wedge of watermelon today, can keep you energized all day. #tipstostayyoung

– Great beauty asset…’your smile’. It costs nothing yet enriches every1 u give & makes ur beauty glow.


3. @TheStyleDoctor

Bio: Doctor on Sartorial matters /Music addict/Bass Guitarist/Visionary@OUCH

Tweets We Love

– If you work in a very formal sector, remember Mondays are the best days to rock your #WhiteShirt

Do u know that your #LOW #SelfEsteem is highlighted whenever you wear a logo against a #Fit?

#SurulereOUCHlet: those badges are removable,so U can wear them on anything when visiting GEJ or BRF Rt 

#STYLEclinic: It is very wrong to button the last button on your DB/Suit or Blazer… 

#STYLEclinic: Why do some #Grooms dress the way they do on their wedding day? RT 


4. @BeautifulSkin

Bio: Skin care tips, acne remedies, cosmetics & more. Help you be a better you!

Tweets We Love

– Keep a small makeup bag at work w/ deodorant, toothpaste, gloss & mascara so you can freshen up before going out w/ friends.

– Always start a manicure with a base coat. It gives polish staying power and helps protect your nails from being stained by lacquer.

– Make your eyes or lips dramatic, not both. Smoky eyes = Nude lips. Dramatic coloured lips = Natural eyes.

– Use what works for you, expensive or value. No one can tell what brand of makeup you are wearing when you are wearing it.

– Try mixing coconut oil and coarse sugar together for a body scrub that will leave your skin super soft.


5. @Chloes_Makeover

Bio: I’m a Wifey, Super Mom, Makeup Artist and lots of fun

Tweets We Love:

– Todays’ Tip: Matte lipstick…To extend the wear of your lipstick, outline your natural lip line with a coordinating Lip Liner and fill in your lips before applying colour.

-Register today for our 1day seminar on Makeup&Gele tying, registration costs #5,000 only! Date: Saturday 8th of June, by 12noon! See you there

Today’s Tip: Eyebrow filler!!!Define brows by using a flat angled brow brush and sweep colour over the natural shape of the brow with the brow powder. Apply to the outer edges first, then move to the area closer to the nose.

– 120 Eyeshadow Palette,shimmer & matte combo, vibrant colours& some more…. Holla if you are interested!!!

– Tips for applying foundation: Apply a small amount to the center of the face and blend outwards.…Need it? Search it, Find it!

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