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Who to Follow on Twitter: Foodie Tweeps


Wondering which handles to follow on Twitter this weekend?

If you enjoy meals that are tasty, healthy and within reach in Nigeria, these tweeps will definitely inspire you:


1. @afrolems

Bio: Educating the world on #Nigerian #Food#Catering and Food#Blogging  Toronto, Ontario ·

Tweets We Love

-Have some time today and you are in the mood to try something new? Ekpang Nkukwo aka Cocoyam pottage would be nice: 

-Did you know Spinach helps maintain blood pressure? I made some efo-riro with spinach. Check it out 

-Everyone is getting married and the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Want to marry? Learn  RT #Afrolems


2. @AjikeSpecial

Bio: Most highly flavoured lady. FoodLand ·

Tweets We Love:

-Browned and stewed Red Snapper cutlets in chilli oil sauce, Fondant Potatoes, Fondant plantain, Celery and Spinach purée, Poached Carrot.”

-Chicken Teriyaki served with White Rice. #Ajikespecial #Instafood #Japanese #Foodgasm #Foodporn 

-I’m ready for bed after that delicious meal I just had but I want to post how to make Teriyaki sauce on Ajikespecial FAQ.”


3. @superflycook

Bio: Providing catering services for both large and small gigs since 2008! Lagos and Abuja

Tweets We Love:

-Made the awesomest mango and pineapple smoothie. I feel so healthy.”

-You can not commit to eating packed meals the rest of your life, ditto with slim fast milk shakes and power bars.”

-And yes traditional Nigerian meals can be healthy. Just let up on the palm oil and the deep frying. It’ll taste the same I promise. And ur body will thank you.”


4. @NaijaDelicacies

Bio- If you can eat it, you can cook it,so learn it here or spice up your cooking skills! #RealMenCook #TeamGoodFood Lagos ·

Tweets We Love-

RECIPE: Ikokore (Water Yam Porridge) – via @ChopAndQuench #ChopToLive 

– Healthy Alternatives To Salt In Cooking – via @ChopAndQuench #ChopToLive 

– Try Out This Snails Kebab Recipe – via @ChopAndQuench #ChopToLive 


5. @9ja_food

Bio: We connect you to your meals 24/7

Tweets We Love:

– Food is expensive, but preparing your own meals can be healthier and less expensive than eating out.

– Certain foods are typically low-cost options all year round. Try beans for a less expensive protein food.

– Refrigerate food within two hours of cooking and never thaw foods on the counter…Need it? Search it, Find it!

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