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Who to Follow on Twitter: Teacher Tweeters


Wondering which handles to follow on Twitter this weekend?

Education goes beyond classroom lectures, training sessions and seminars; the “tweminars” held often on Twitter prove this. So, if you love learning, Twitter has lessons on everything, from Nigerian history and current affairs, to self development, relationships and life management. Follow:

1. @Leke_Alder

Bio: Official tweets of Leke Alder: Brand Strategy Consultant, SME Developer, Author, Public Speaker, Philanthropist.

Tweets We Love:

By the way, don’t believe the man who tells you the proof of love is sex. He just wants to have sex! #Letr2Jil

-You see the Law of Demand and Supply differentiates between worth and value. Value is not the same as worth. #Letr2Jil

-Be realistic in assessing your relationship. If it can’t work it won’t work. Don’t string the woman along on false promises. #Letr2Jack

– Leadership must not be confused with dictatorship. Barking commands does not make you a leader – just a barking dog. #JesusMBA

– When legalisms restrict our humanity a humane boss finds a way round legalism to do what is right and proper. #JesusMBA


2. @cchukudebelu

Bio: Christian, Igbo, Nigerian, African. A complex personality, not a stereotype – Western Media take note.

Tweets We Love:

– Weaning ourselves off dependence on oil is a strategic necessity – if Nigeria will survive the next few decades.

When we talk about govt legitimacy or absence of govt, we are talking about LGAs – the weakest link in govt in Nigeria.

– Reports indicate that LG officials have fled from parts of Borno. Sad thing is that their absence would make little difference to locals.

Karl Meier wrote “This House has Fallen” about Nigeria. We don’t want chaos, but how sustainable is this present unstable equilibrium?

– You can’t deal with Boko Haram by just providing material things (jobs, education, infrastructure). There must be an ideological narrative.


3. @feladurotoye

Bio: Raising leaders of excellence at every age and every stage…until Nigeria becomes the world’s most desirable nation to live in.

Tweets We Love:

-There’s a place for talking and criticism. But there’s also a place to let our ACTIONS do the talking! #TheNigeriaWeWant

-There are many countries but few nations. We are committed to building Nigeria into a most desirable nation to live in. #TheNigeriaWeWant

-A nation is not defined by its borders or the boundaries of its land mass. #TheNigeriaWeWant

-Rather, a nation is defined by adverse people who have been unified by a cause and a value system #TheNigeriaWeWant

-By Mandela’s tiny cell, today I realized that great visions can NOT be limited by tiny spaces.


4. @iamsteveharris

Bio: 2 Time College Dropout, now Life Strategist, Mgt. Consultant, Speaker & Author, From College Dropout 2 Corporate Sellout & From Friend 2 Fiancée. I owe it all 2 God.

Tweets We Love

-Ladies, a kiss doesn’t make you an item. Get into his head, not his pants! #fromfriendtofiancee

Cinderella lost her SLIPPER not her VIRGINITY. U don’t need 2 have sex 2 find your Prince.#GBAM #FromfriendtoFiancee

– A talent NOT TRADED is a talent WASTED! Download my podcast, Mastering The Business of Your Talent. 

Note to aspiring entrepreneurs: if you can’t handle a 9-5 well, you’re gonna be screwed if you try a 24/7!

-You’re closer than you think. Don’t slow down, push the pace! Don’t settle! #RuthlessExecution


5. @AdoptATweep

Bio: A registered trademark of @blcompere Ltd. The quarterly #AdoptATweep event focuses on Twitter-preneurship. Updated by a @blcompere representative and @OjaySays.

Tweets We Love

-You need to create a twitter handle NOW for any business idea you’ve got. If you don’t? Someone else will, it is that simple #AdoptATweep

– A Twitter list is a list of Twitter user names. Each Twitter user is allowed to create up to 20 of these lists on Twitter. #AdoptATweep

– The purpose of Twitter lists is to help guide your conversations and organize the way you follow tweets or conversations. #AdoptATweep

– Become An Encylopedia In Your Field: Keep tweeting about the topic you want to be known for, people will contact you #AdoptATweep

-The SM Manager behind the @AIOMarketPlace brand is an online student of @AdoptATweep as powered by @blcompere. Welldone Maam…Need it? Search it, Find it!

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Joy Ehonwa

Joy Ehonwa is an editor and a writer who is passionate about relationships and personal development. She runs Pinpoint Creatives, a proofreading, editing, transcription and ghostwriting service. Email: pinpointcreatives [at]

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