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The Nigerian Entertainment Industry Has Potential, Needs More Funds


Watching the entertainment industry grow into a viable source of economy can be both exciting and frustrating, Chief Godfrey Mutizwa, the Editor for ABN says. Exciting because they (Nollywood) are sharing African stories and making it into something the whole world can relate to, but frustrating because of the poor quality. What can we do about this poor quality? These questions and more were posed to our very own Obi Asika, CEO of Storm 360. What was his response? See the video of the interview:


The rest of the entertainment industry was not left out. When asked about Nigerian music that is fast going international and the comedy acts that have evolved, Obi Asika had this to say, “We have a long way to go but from where we are coming, I can confidently say Nigerian Soft Power is running Africa and will invade the world. Get ready people, and please share, for those who have networks. My definition of Nigerian Soft Power includes our music, movies, fashion, comedy, culture, art, visual art, cuisine, urban slang, etc. And you can stretch it to include sports as well. I hope you are feeling it as it manifests across the world from Basketmouth to Iyanya, From Jewel by Lisa to Deola Sagoe, From our Comedy to our artistes some of whom have been to over 50 countries spreading the grooves. Enjoy it all but don’t take it for granted; it was not always like this and it needs more support to keep pushing it to the global stage.”

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