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Restaurant Review: Café Vanessa

restaurant review

You want to meet up with friends for a nice meal in an environment with a familiar yet exciting feel? Then hook up at Cafe Vanessa.

Café Vanessa has lovely ambiance that makes it great for hanging out with friends. The day I visited the place, I witnessed at least one group of corporate ladies who met up for a late breakfast and hot gossip.

Cafe Vanessa is divided into three areas. There is the main dining section which you run smack dab into as you come in.

main dining area

Main dining area

Then there is a quasi-waiting area to the right of the main section where you can find a couple of tables for two with curvy backed black chairs and multi-coloured swivel side stools to keep stuff like bags and files, and some orange sofas with a big screen TV, plus loads of books and magazines to read while you watch the street through the glass wall as you wait for friends or clients.

sitting area

waiting area

sitting area1

Finally there’s a lounge inside that puts you in mind of the interior of a night club, dark and cosy with coloured lights.

The decor is urban posh with warm earth tones on a black backdrop. Large glass windows let in a lot of natural light to brighten the outer area, beyond which is the darkened lounge with its fully stocked bar,

I came in, selected a table for two in the waiting area closer to the outer bar, where the waitresses (and books and mags!) were stationed. When I asked for the menu I was handed an ipad and asked to ‘slide through’ and select what I wanted. Now, that was a first! They had rather nice meals on the menu.

ipad menu

ipad slide-to-view menu

Appetisers: Marina salad, vegetable mix salads, Chicken al Ajillo, prawn in bacon salad, Thai mango salad, farmer salad, fettuccini ai gamberetti.

Main meals: Smoked chicken with sauteed potatoes, Vanessa special rice, club sandwich, Thai croaker fish, T-bone steak with mashed potatoes, classic prawns with cook-up rice, lamb chop persil.

Drinks: Classic drinks (Manhattan, bloody Mary), Vanessa specials (Nutty angel, Vanessa martini, East India cocktail), Milkshakes (grasshopper, pink panther golden Cadillac), Highballs and tropical cocktails (melon ball, zombie, bahama mama), champagne cocktails (moonwalk, flirtini), non-alcoholic cocktails (lemonade, Virgin Mary, citrus cream), liquors and champagne.

Desserts: Carrot cake, red velvet, vanilla and chocolate cake.

Since I came in during the morning hours, all rained in and rather cold, (the rains in July are really vicious and sneaky) I ordered a cappuccino and a club sandwich. The cappuccino arrived while I waited for the main meal. It tried its best to warm me while I waited and pretended I couldn’t feel the full blast of the air conditioning.

The club sandwich came well presented; lightly grilled bread slices layered with tomatoes, boiled eggs, lettuce, chicken pieces and cream, sliced into neat triangle stacks and held together with toothpicks, guarding a stack of chips. I must say it was a healthy serving.

The fries were slim and crunchy, with a touch of salt, I didn’t need the bowl of ketchup to enjoy it, but of course, I couldn’t resist the dip.

Club sandwich with french fries, cappuccino, and ketchup

Club sandwich with fries, cappuccino, and ketchup

The waitresses were very patient and agreeable. I loved the curved chair that reminded me of a baseball mitt. And it felt like they thought of everything; there was a swivel side stool to place stuff (like ladies’ bags, or folders) while you dig into your meals.

What I loved: They took care of me, and that side stool for the bags, so thoughtful!

I’m already planning a return visit, so that should tell you I think they are a ‘pretty big deal.’




Plot 1089B Agoro Odiyan Street

Off Adeola Odeku

VI, Lagos

Tel: 07025637774

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Chojare Pamela Agboga is a Legal Practitioner, Writer, Editor, Chartered Secretary and Administrator. She is currently working on her first novel 'Weekends are for Loving' as well as a devotional for women.

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