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Who to Follow on Twitter: Tweeting Faithfuls


Wondering which handles to follow on Twitter this weekend?

While some prefer to avoid religion on social media, others choose to embrace their spirituality and encourage others to do same. Here are some fun tweeps who devote a good chunk of their TLs to sharing their faith:

1. @ikeamadi

Bio: Author of Do Something!

Advocate of all things #fresh.#dosomethingperson#CHAP #la187 #2013cba @La187Family July 11 Day 124 Psm 119:126-150. SOS 3-6

Memory verse: Psalm 119: 130 ·

Tweets We Love

– I’ll praise him in the morning, noon and evening. The Rose of Sharon. The only God who hears. The God, mighty to save. #la187PraiseDay

– Let us follow the Shepherd, with a ready mind, because he has a perfect right to lead us wherever he pleases.

– Don’t have a dead prayer life. Pray tonight.

– Ps 119:103 – “How sweet are Your words to my taste, Sweeter than honey to my mouth!” – DEVELOP a sweet tooth for the Word. #la187

– Our God is merciful. #la187


2. @nnamno

Bio: Passionate about… •God •His Word •Truth and Social Justice •People •Souls •Eternity •A Great Nigeria. Passionately AGAINST Religion. Just Passionate, period.

•Belize •Nigeria •Earth

Tweets We Love:

-We rely HEAVILY on Browser cookies; please enable cookies in your spirit browser. ~Jhn 14:6; Rom 8:16; Col 3:16

– We better make sure we’re really ready for our last flight, ‘cos we never know when our ‘plane’ will be ‘boarding’. #LifeAfterDeath

-How dare you be intelligent, handsome/beautiful, well-informed, witty, well-spoken, AND also a serious Born-Again Christian?! How DARE you??

– Are you verified in Heaven?? ~ Revelation 3:5; 20:12 & 15. #Word4Life

– Faith: As a Christian today, (one of) Ur biggest & most urgent challenges is 2 recognize & discover the True Church. It’s not who you think.


3. @tessbabee

Bio: iwrite, female, 5 4′ sweet, intelligent. I’m destined for greatness! Imma make my mark in the sands of time. I read non-stop and I’m a JesusFreak!

Lagos, Nigeria ·

Tweets We Love

Beloved, don’t depend on how smart you are and how well you plan your day. #Yeso.

Commit your plans to Him and let Him lead you supernaturally into good success in all that you do!

– As you pursue Him, you don’t have to be concerned about the blessings because they will follow after you!

-In fact, the Hebrew translation of Psalm 23:6 is much stronger and more aggressive.

– It literally says, “Surely goodness and mercy shall HUNT ME DOWN all the days of my life!” #Yep #Iagreewiththeword


4. @Rinsola_Abiola

Bio: Aspiring SuperMum totally crazy about Khadeejah bint Khuwaylid (RA)…expressive, a tad bossy, stubborn..I’m not always serious..

Nigeria ·

Tweets We Love:
– As Muslims, we should remember those below us in society and put our zakah to good use. If we all paid zakah, no one would go hungry

-BH’s ranks grew because their leader was willing to provide for indigent followers….we shouldn’t leave our brothers vulnerable to such.

-In addition to that, there’s a need for religious teachings to be regulated….we must ensure that ‘scholars’ are truly qualified….

-At this stage, we don’t need fiery preachings and sermons which incite people to violence. We need to co-exist and accommodate each other…

-Live everyday like Ramadan, and Paradise will be your Eid!


5. @RevDrCraig

Bio: Pastor. Physician. Photographer. Poet. Playwright

London, England ·

Tweets We Love:

– Any other prayer you pray, outside God’s will, no matter how much SEED or FAITH you throw behind it, won’t be answered!

-When we stray away, help us to find our way back to the cross, and on the day when you call us unto yourself, may our hearts be found in you.

– See why strange doctrine can easily penetrate the Church? We are not reading the Bible for ourselves. We rely on devotionals and Pastors

– Examine yourself, and what you do. Is it church culture? Or is it scripture? Don’t feel embarrassed to be different!

-My dear brothers and sisters! This is my final submission. READ your BIBLE for yourself. Don’t be carried away by church clichés or doctrine…Need it? Search it, Find it!

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