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Movie to Watch: Oblivious


Why should you watch Oblivious? Well, for one, it was directed by Ekene Mekunye and Stanley Ohikhuare, a man who emerged the 3rd most promising Nigerian Movie Director from a poll conducted by Africa Magic and aired on Jara. Plus, the storyline sounds so promising! It tells of a successful Advertising Executive (Adeyemi Okanlawon), who has been married for 8 years to Lucy (Kiki Omeili) with a son, Jason. Like many successful men, he has another woman, Sarah (Uzor Osimkpa) who has taken his heart and he evens plans to divorce his wife and marry Sarah. However, he is completely oblivious of what is going on in Lucy’s world and would soon come to his senses but when he does, he’s at a crossroads. Will he would get his family back or will it be too late?

The movie was produced by Ekene Mekwunye and Grace Edwin-Okon for Riverside Productions, Mighty Jot Studios in conjunction with Derwin Productions. For more information, click here



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