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The Founders Of TaxiPark Launch


The tech-in-transportation space in Nigeria gets even more interesting. Not just because of the recent Tiketmobile drama, and arrival of Rocket Internet’s Easy Taxi; start-up founders of TaxiPark today launch, a free web and mobile taxi booking service that recommends interesting places and events around you based on your location.

As to what happens to TaxiPark, the service will be shut down as Tranzit covers everything TaxiPark did and more. The web version of the service is now available to the public, while the mobile app version will be available first on the Google Play store for Android users, and then the Blackberry and iOS versions would follow weeks after – all in BETA version.

More interesting features are scheduled to come with the next couple of upgrades, but before setting out to try out the app, you should know it currently works only in Lagos. However, plans are underway to have other cities on the platform before the year runs out. That does not mean users abroad or other cities can’t use the App; for example, the taxi-booking feature can be used assuming a user is coming into Lagos, Nigeria.

Founders of on TaxiPark and Rocket Internet’s Easy Taxi

“With Rocket Internet coming into the space it has been quite interesting, as well as reading different reasons why we shutdown TaxiPark. Tranzit is definitely going to compete with Easy Taxi but the market is large enough for us to sit down comfortably.” – Ugochi Ugbome, CTO

“TaxiPark shutting down was a combined decision; we wanted to build a better service. We felt very restricted with ‘Taxi Park’. There is so much Tranzit does and lots more to come.” – Rodney Jackson-Cole, CEO

By Nubi Kay

From Otekbits

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