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Who to Follow on Twitter: Humorous Tweeters


Wondering who to follow on Twitter this weekend?

A cheerful heart is a good medicine, so in the midst of grave political analysis and sobering discussions on the way forward for Nigeria, take a break to laugh, or at least chuckle. For tweets ranging from droll to rib-cracking, the following accounts are recommended:


Bio: 4 Geeks in 1, 3 versions of weird, 5 types of Funny and 7 kinds of awesome.

Obodo Oyibo ·

 Tweets We Love

  • When BBM finally makes its way to Android, I’ll be able to finally use my BlackBerry the way it was truly meant to be used….as a coaster
  • Boy: “you have good genes in your family”. Girl: “yes oh. I only wear Levi”……….
  • Watched an old Tontoh Dikeh movie today. Good to see her career’s going in the same direction as her complexion.
  • Jim Iyke over Frank Artus any day. I’d swap Frank’s k-leg accent and overacting for Jim Bond’s hyped acting and backyard kung fu any day.
  • If you can’t lose weight in this weather then forget it oh. Even my sweat is sweating.


Bio: Dangote Truck Driver.

Lagos today, London tomorrow ·

 Tweets We Love

  • Every time my brother gets on TV, I get the “so what are you doing with your life” questions, as if this Twitter career is easy.
  • You know you’re broke real bad when your bank don’t send you bank statements cos you can’t afford the SMS alert fee.
  • Listen, God don’t always show up at the 11th hour. Sometimes, He lets the Lazarus die and decay and then like a boss…
  • While crossing the road, I saw this car that seemed very familiar, was trying to remember where I’d seen it…then it hit me.
  • Every day I struggle to overcome this razz spirit that has (all of a sudden) come over me. Every day, I fail 🙁


Bio: I’m a lawyer….. Wait, wait.. Where you going? Wai…… (._.) Was it something I said? ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯

On d shoulders of Atlas ·

Tweets We Love

  • “Sit on my laps”- Philanthropic Pastor laps stranded young girl in public transport #NTAReports”
  • “Daddy where are you going to?” “I’m coming” “Just tell me, where are you going to?” “I say I’m co.. *sigh* Go and wear your slippers”.
  • Computer village that you’ll buy Z10 and see fufu inside the box when you get home. Chris Angel sef no get that kain magic.
  • Mahn, this akara touched every nook and cranny of my well being.
  • The last time this lady made efo for me I named all the tiles in my toilet.


Bio: Patient Jonathan, Coded Purzin.

Shamballa ·

Tweets We Love

  • You know the amala is original when you feel that solitary bead of sweat rolling down your nose bridge cuh.
  • Inner beauty radiates to outer beauty. If you have pimples, sorry.” – George Clooney
  • Hehehe. The accountant is still in the office. Closing late are we? FIRST THING TOMORROW MORNING I BETTER SEE THAT SALARY
  • Story telling is not for everyone. Remember back in primary/secondary school when not everyone could gist film? Yeah.
  • “I dey Kampe!” – A documentary explaining the sit tight mentality of African leaders. Tonight at 11. #NTAReports


Bio: All I got is a phone full of bi…

Tweets We Love

  • I think one of the most annoying experiences I ever had was watching someone eat ponmo with fork and knife. Have some respect.
  • Since I started working out seriously, I’ve been noticing changes in my body. For example, sometimes I want to get out of bed & I can’t.
  • Ironic when you audit an Oil & Gas firm & the office assistant you’re sending to photocopy documents for you can pay your salary from his pocket.
  • If you’re a bride, make sure none of your bridesmaids has a cold on that day. Otherwise your really long gown may just become a handkerchief.
  • How do Mayowas feel knowing the short form of their name is a food item a short french man invented?


Bio: Reader. Writer. Artist. Succubus. Fire’s Rain. Curious Cat. Otaku. Anti-Reality.

Impel Down, Level 7 ·

Tweets We Love

  • Twerk Miley Twerk. Aunty was dancing like an insect that inhaled Baygon.
  • Bev did not have sex with Angelo. She was only preaching the gospel via body-to-body Infra-red transfer.
  • That moment when you are 40 years old and your father tells your lover he can always pay with an IOU.
  • You know, I’d be disappointed if this headache doesn’t blow my head open. After all this gragra.
  • 10mins wedding. Do you? I do. Do you? I do. You’re married. Osheeey! Snap photo two minutes. Okada straight to hotel.
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