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NNPC Earns $20.9 Billion from Crude Oil Sales in 2013

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The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has put its 2013 revenue from oil sales for Year to Date, at $20,907,063,959.35 from 191,939,235 barrels of crude oil sold. NNPC did in a presentation to the Committee of Petroleum (Upstream) of the House of Representatives on Thursdays.

According to NNPC, “In January, it sold 37,675,591.00 barrels of crude oil at the average price of $115.063 per barrel, giving it a total value of $4,335,074,932.80.”

“In February, it sold 20,590,812.00 barrels at an average of $114.537 per barrel, totaling $2,358,404,115.85.”

“In March it sold 30,901,111.67 barrels at $108.446 per barrel, bringing in $3,351,093,908.30. In April it sold 25,116,194.39 barrels at $102.887 per barrel, earning $2,584,129,014.73.”

“In May, it sold 28,411,526.25 barrels at $105.043 earning $2,984,420,474.02. In June, it sold 24,708,531.80 barrels at $105.384 per barrel, earning $2,603,889,561.08. In July it sold 24,535,468.00 barrels at $109.639, earning $2,690,051,952.58.”

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