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Olaleshe – App to the Rescue


The power of mobile phones goes way beyond merely making and receiving calls. They have become multi-dynamic and multidimensional tools, especially in the hands of capable users. They can carry all sorts of applications, ranging from entertainment to education and security apps. In our highlight this week, we have Olaleshe – a mobile application which can be used in case of an emergency.


Olaleshe is a location-aware distress alerting mobile application. The word Olaleshe means “brother” in Maasai. It is the kind of application that can be used to receive emergency messages from spouses, kids and relations in hazardous situations. It helps to increase the assurance of safety knowing that they have a simple, technical and efficient way of calling for help.

Problem It solves

The problem of personal security is a universal challenge that has not yielded to any promise of a permanent solution to. However, Olaleshe provides a response to reducing dangers through its geo-alert application developed to enhance the ability to easily call for help in a case of emergency.

Unique Feature

It works in an efficient manner such that with the push of a button, a user in trouble can send a preset SMS or email alert to their preset emergency contacts. The message would include their location when sent to emergency contacts. It has a single-click widget button which could be located on your home screen for quick access.

It allows you to do the following: Enter your In-Case of Emergency (ICE) Contacts; choose these Contacts from your phone book; Send an SMS that you are in trouble with a link to your location to all your ICE Contacts.

Value Proposition

With the way it was designed, Olaleshe can help increase the sense of security of people by enabling them get help much faster, whenever they need it. In the future, security groups such as neighbourhood watches or community policing may form around applications like this. The application was developed by a Kenyan – David Lemayian of Capefield Ltd.

Olaleshe won the best application in the social/communication category in the 2011 Google’s Android Developer Challenge in Sub-Saharan Africa and is currently available on the Android platform as a free application on the Google Play store.

Potential Coverage

Security is a huge deal anywhere in the world. As such, applications such as Olaleshe have the potential for use right across the world, more so in places with high crime rates and little or inefficient policing.


It is currently available on the Android platform, but it is hoped that with the kind of problem it solves, it would be expanded to other platforms such as iOS, Blackberry and Windows. It is also hoped that it would someday include a tracker, which updates location feedback that could help in the case of a victim being moved to a different location.

About the Author

Akinola Odunukan is an entrepreneur in love with all things ‘Techy’. A Computer Engineer,Content and Concept Developer plus Social Media Buff, who is quite passionate about Leadership and Personal Development. He has authored two books: “From Chap to Champion” and “The Legendary Warrior Mindset” published on Amazon and Smashwords. Keeping tabs on great things happening within the Tech space, is just one of the things he does. Follow him on twitter @dekynsIV

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