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Who to Follow on Twitter: Business & Brand Tweeters

Wondering which handles to follow on Twitter this weekend?

Whether you’re thinking of launching a start-up, or you’re looking to take your business to the next level, Nigerian Twitter is choc-full of sound counsel and resources. For tips on how to build your business and position your brand, the following handles are recommended:

1. @VeniaBizHub

Bio: Business Hub | Serviced & Virtual Offices | Launch Pad | Business Restructuring & Advisory | Seed Capital | Technology. Nigeria’s Start-up Haven… #Disrupting

Tweets We Love

  •  There is more to starting up a #business than the interest in the line of business and funding. Do you know that?
  • Location, Location, Location : Before you root yourself in one area, make sure it’s the right place for your #business.
  • Always include a phone number, an email address or a website address where interested individuals can get more information. #Advertising.
  • It may be tempting at the beginning when you are low on funds to allow people to buy portions of your company right away.
  • Be Careful About Sharing Ownership

2. @subomiplumptre

Bio: Creative intelligent being | Strategist | Social media denizen | Sapiosexual

Nigeria ·

Tweets We Love:

  • In partnership or investment in a new venture, look well to the character of the person you’re jumping into bed with. #BizNG
  • You need people to grow your company not money and money doesn’t always buy the right people. #BizNG
  • In #Nigeria, where bad service is commonplace, competition is needed. See how #ChickenRepublic has stepped up in response to #KFC.
  • Build redundancy in your business because employees have lives. Emergencies will happen and family comes first!
  • There’s a reason NETWORKING is a top skill in Nigerian business. You can’t thrive outside of the culture or context of your company.

3. @OjaySays

Consultant: Project Mgt| |Branding |Communication| Advocacy| My Social Media dexterity here: @Adoptatweep » @NewMediaNaija »@Gotning » @BailiffAfrica

Abuja ·

  • Branding is just another name for creating a perception. Branding isn’t your company name. It’s not a logo #OjaySaysBrand.
  • A brand is a promise. It’s an expectation of an experience #OjaySaysBrand.
  • The company and tag line and logo and brand colours only exist to call that experience to mind #OjaySaysBrand.
  • Brands can meet that expectation, exceed that expectation or in the worst cases, fall short of that expectation #OjaySaysBrand.
  • The Red Cross is a bellwether among nonprofits, with a brand that literally means help is on the way in times of crisis #OjaySaysBrand.

4. @DoubleEph

Bio: Buy Sheep, Sell Deer. Make Profit

Blighty ·

Tweets We Love:

  • Started from the bottom (N150k) now we are here (N2m) | A black soap maker’s success story | The Nation 
  • Google ‘Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprise Development Fund’ if you are an entrepreneur. Opportunities for funding to come
  • @SL419 @Miss_Jayla Thing is, Amazon can absorb losses from card fraud easily. For a small business it can bankrupt you
  • I will like to see Sanusi run a small business in Nigeria. Even if it’s just a small shop selling ‘wosi wosi’. Should be fun to observe.
  • Ladies, Aunty Evelyn is talking to you | Oputu Urges Entrepreneurs to Develop Business Plan, Articles | THISDAY 

5. @iamsteveharris

Bio: 2 Time College Dropout, now Life Strategist, Mgt. Consultant, Speaker & Author, From College Dropout 2 Corporate Sellout & From Friend 2 Fiancée . Jesus Rocks

Lagos, Nigeria / Global ·

Tweets We Love:

  • Consumers will promote your brand and business! So treat them well! Cause a consumer today will be a customer TOMORROW! #TradeThatTalent
  • What brand do you want them to know you for? Define your brand identity! CHOOSE ONE and STICK WITH IT! #bizlessonsfromhookers
  • You’ve got 2go out & get ur customers! Proverbs 7:10. You can’t wait for customers 2 come in, u gotta go get ’em! #bizlessonsfromhookers
  • The customer has a SHORT ATTENTION SPAN! Once he looks, shake your tail feather, show him whatcha working with! #bizlessonsfromhookers
  • Remember TIME is the currency you trade, use it wisely! Can you get paid MORE in LESS amount of time? #bizlessonsfromhookers

6. @deoluakinyemi

Bio: Teacher (23yrs), Personal Development Coach (8yrs), Financial Mentor (3yrs), Inspiring Leader (18yrs) Loving husband (10yrs), Father (18yrs) Biz Mgr (21yrs)

Tweets We Love

  • The current world is a creation of the entrepreneur, be it for the social causes, the business causes or whatever cause. #CanYouSee
  • Build a network. U’ll soon discover that what it takes to be an entrepreneur isn’t skill but relationships&resources. #BeforeYouMakeThatMove
  • #WisdomForEntrepreneurs If you are interested in succeeding as an entrepreneur, you need to become an expert on a particular topic.
  • Once you have decided to be an entrepreneur, you have really decided to prioritize you library over your wardrobe. #WisdomForEntrepreneurs
  • #WisdomForEntrepreneurs If you are going to really succeed as an entrepreneur, you must shut your backdoor and throw away the keys!

7. @blcompere

Bio: Author| Blogger| Compère| Passionately using Social Media for Social Good. The duo of @AdoptATweep and @NewMediaNaija are registered trademarks. #ExHype curator

Abuja, Nigeria ·

Tweets We Love

  • I have a desire to see brands and brand owners use twitter effectively to promote their business. Do you?
  • You need to create a twitter handle NOW for any business idea you’ve got. If you don’t? Someone else will, it is that simple #AdoptATweep
  • Punctuality is the soul of business.
  • Free Business Ebook: 50 Ways to Plan for Small Business Success … via @YFSMagazine
  • Do you know what the Holy Spirit does as a partner in your business? Find out today as I share my walk with the Holy Spirit, #MyBestFriend…Need it? Search it, Find it!


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