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Who to Follow on Twitter: Relationship Boosters

Wondering which handles to follow on Twitter this weekend?

Relationships are an integral part of our lives, be they with lovers, spouses, offspring, parents or friends. For tips on how to nurture and get the best out of your relationships, check out these handles;

1. @Gbemisoke

Bio: Livin’ Laughin’ Lovin’ ♪ ·

Tweets We Love

* I’m a firm believer in asking a guy what’s up as early in the relationship as possible.

* If you see a relationship that still has sparks after many years of marriage, they worked at keeping it alive. It doesn’t just happen.

* If you value your friendship/relationship, it’s your responsibility to teach that person how you would like to be treated.

* Conflict can help your relationship. Sweeping stuff under the carpet only leads to resentment.

* My point is, the fancy wedding that we focus so much on is just one day. It’s not as important as the quality of your relationship.


2. @Leke_Alder

Bio: Plainspoken wisdom. Heart-seasoned understandings of life. Beautiful Mind | CEO Alder Consulting | Mails:

Nigeria ·

Tweets We Love:

* As a woman you’re going to be frustrated marrying a man without drive, desire, ambition or job. #Letr2Jil

* When confronted with a behavioral anomaly in a good relationship, never rush to conclusion or condemnation. #Letr2Jil

* There’s a difference between titular relationship and substantiated relationship. #Letr2Jack

* Titular relationship is simply based on officially acquiring the title “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”. It’s a status. #Letr2Jack

* An understanding woman is proof of God’s love and kindness to a man. She’s the evidence of mercy. #Letr2Jil


3. @NaijaHusband

Bio: Changing the negative image of Nigerian Husbands. Tweet by Tweet. Just ask @naijawife

Tweets We Love:

* No surprise but as usual I agree with my wife. Better to put your heads together in accord than let yourselves suffer over money in pride

* Working together to provide for your household bills doesn’t mean your wife won’t respect you.

* New post: Things NaijaHusband Says – Episode 1: Misquotations 

* If he or she starts off their sentence with “I’m married, but…” …then you might want to stop listening.

* It’s up. The first Sex post. 


4. @NaijaWife

Bio: Typical Nigerian Wife. No Holds Barred.

Tweets We Love:

* A friend is getting married and struggling to find an affordable place 2 rent. His fiancee is just looking at him sayin it’s “the man’s job”

* We’d rather pray that you find happiness, purpose and meaning in your life no matter what your relationship status might be.

* Pray for us please. Love takes hard work. @ugo_mma: i just want to get good relationships like that of @NaijaWife and @naijahusband

* The Married But Single – The one who either failed to tell you he was married or claims he’s “not quite married” #10TypesOfMen

* Mr Unsure – “Do I like you? Should I date you? Do I want to marry you? I’m so unsure! Decisions are haaaard! Arrrgh!!” #10TypesOfMen


5. @praisefowowe

Bio: Africa’s sexuality education strategist, expert/family life coach Lagos, Nigeria / Global

Tweets We Love:

* How easy/difficult is it for you to say ‘I love you daddy’ to your father and to mean it genuinely? #OurFathers

* Look for your father today I beg you and appreciate him, that may just be all he needs to stay alive #OurFathers

* Do all you can to close the gap btw u and ur spouse cos affair begins the moment you start spending more time with someone else #affair009

* Can you pick up your wedding program and read through your marital vows again to gain some sanity #affair009

* Organize your home in a way that you are responsible for 60% of what your child learns #BSOCre8


6. @mianovia

Bio: Lord, let me find the strength to get out of my own way so that your work can be done! Amen. || Have I told you about my Jesus? 🙂

With my kittens 3

Tweets We Love

* Guessing is for game show contestants, real men know what they want and show what they want!

* If a man values a woman, he respects her, and only from that respect can a real relationship grow.

* In every relationship, the fact that two persons are different is a potential for hurt to happen. Manage it wisely!

* You don’t have to agree on every issue to come to reconciliation.

* It’s always more rewarding to resolve the conflict than to dissolve the relationship. It’s not easier, but it’s more rewarding.


7. @ HL_Blue

Bio- Life is simple unless you’re not.

In my wife’s house… ·

Tweets We Love

* “Walk away from the relationship to leave a door open for more confident guys to find and love you.” – Efe

* I tell my female friends to strike when the iron is hot for the marriage matter. It’s much harder to dance after the music stops

* You want a loving relationship/family? Stay around a loving family you’ve observed. You want to be smart? Yeah, same.

* Your monthly bill is 80k. His monthly bill is 100k. His salary is 150k. You see why your relationship is on again, off again?

* I don’t see how u and ur wife are working jobs then you come home expecting cow leg pepper soup and a clean house.…Need it? Search it, Find it!


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