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Volunteer Nigeria Project Begins Recruitment of 1 Million Volunteers


Volunteer Nigeria, a project with plans to use technology to raise up to 1 million volunteers across Nigeria and link them up to ongoing voluntary opportunities, will launch in January 2014, according to the project team.  This is to enable volunteers contribute to national development particularly in areas of education, healthcare, environment, infrastructure development and renewable energy, according to the team

The organiser of the project, Iso Bassey, said, “What we seek to do through the Volunteer Nigeria Project is to create a platform that encourages and rewards volunteers, development organisations and corporate Nigeria for contributing to our national development.”

“The Volunteer Nigeria framework can help our country in its efforts to attain the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).”

“The Volunteer Nigeria Project aims to create a platform for ongoing interaction between volunteers, NGOs and donors in a bid to enhance the contributions of all three to national development.”

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