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Who to Follow on Twitter: Nigerian Screenwriters

October is the month of our country’s Independence celebration, and Nigeria also celebrates “Nollywood at 20” this month. The new nation for which we hope must begin with changes in our attitudes and work ethic, and a new crop of screenwriters are committed to inspiring us to leave mediocrity behind.

Wonder what they do when they’re not scripting movies and soaps for you? They tweet sometimes! Check out these handles:

1. @Chrisihidero

Bio: Writer. Filmmaker.

Tweets We Love

*   Activism 101: People don’t have to care about what you’re prepared to die for. Be prepared to go solo.

*   @IamSnazz @DoubleEph Snazz, but what’s wrong with a marketer driven industry? Isn’t that what obtains in Hollywood? They are called Studios.

*   @IamSnazz @DoubleEph Here’s what I know for sure: Living in Bondage was made for around 150k, in ’92. It made 20m by ’95. Fact.

*   @IamSnazz @DoubleEph Amaka Igwe’s Violated sold 33k copies on the day of release and made 180k every week for 3years after. Fact.

*   @IamSnazz @DoubleEph Opa Williams sold 5k copies of Onome at a roundabout in Benin in one afternoon. Fact. The early guys made tons of money.

2. @nkirunjoku

Bio: Writer. Director. Content Producer. Reader. Music-lover. True Blue. Buffalo Solja; etcetera

Tweets We Love:

*   I write for a living. I don’t need inspiration. When writing is a hobby, ehen, u can be looking for a babbling brook for inspiration.

*   When I say ‘I’m working’, and you figure out that I’m writing, please don’t ask me ‘so what are you writing about?’ It’s very annoying.

*   When I say I’m ‘working’ it means I’m churning out episodes. It might sound like fun to you but it’s work to me so don’t ask me silly Qs.

*   Now if I leisurely tell you ‘…so there’s this story I’m writing…’ – it’s probably not WORK. Then you can ask all your stupid questions.

*   Don’t overrate paid creativity. One day u’ll wake up and realise u have no personal body of work to show. U’ll have loads of screen credits for other ppl’s jobs tho.

3. @vicaghahowa

Bio: iWrite. iDirect. iProduce. Geek. Tatafo. Will shoot for #FreePizza!

Tweets We Love:

*   There’s a point when fear turns to anger – beyond that point? Anger becomes Amusement. Why? When you realize that what you fear – fears you.

*   Please follow @howsheleftmybro – the official twitter handle for #howsheleftmybrother! Thanks and RT!

*   #nw; Liar Liar – mayb I’m demented but its still the funniest movie I own. Lmao!!! Jim Carrey in his prime. I miss d old RubberFace.

*   AGoodDayToDieHard is a AGreatWayToKillAFranchise. John Moore. After MaxPayne he does it again. That dude. Talented. Really. I mean that.

*   You don’t *win* silver. You lose gold.

4. @Ememisong

Bio: Film maker, writer and CEO, Royal Arts Academy

Tweets We Love:

*  Check out ‘Reflections On My Bday’ …  @BolaAduwo @Uduakisong @richionwurah

*   I have done it. ‘Weekend Getaway’ out soon RT @ritabael: @ememisong I really need u 2 do a movie with genevieve nnaji and ramsey noah ASAP.

*   I go ‘On Bended Knees’ and concede! You were right. The script was on point.@Uduakisong

*   Big ups to @Uduakisong for a great outing yesterday#Okon goes to school. Great movie. Don’t miss it

*   Yay!!! I won city people award for best screen writer. Thank God for his love for me

5. @IjeomaOgud

Bio: I write. That’s my life. For tv, stage and everything in between. Beyond that, wife and mother to two great men.

Tweets We Love

*   Glad I came for this New Yam Festival. Nothing beats pounded yam and white soup on a cool Sunday evening.

*   An agent attacked near her home by a writer she rejected. He found her using Twitter and Foursquare. My people, be careful.

*   PEN American Center Toni Morrison Reads “English and the African Writer” by Chinua Achebe via #soundcloud

*   One of the sidebars of being a freelance writer: you sleep in some really tacky hotel rooms. ‘Heavens’ on my headboard. #eish

*   Ijeoma Uduma, are you being paid to be here? Pls leave these people and go and write script. David’s diaper will soon finish.

6. @Uduakisong

Bio: Writer/Producer/Nollywooder: Okon Goes To School, OkonLagos, Kokomma. Desperate Housegirls. I love God, I love Life, I love me. I believe in Nigerian football.

Lagos ·

Tweets We Love

*   If you’re a Nollywood screenwriter, pls visit a Nollywood set. Tired of scripts where cars r flying in the air. Too much unrealistic material

*   Have you bought your copy of Weekend Getaway yet? Here’s it is: delivered to your doorstep.  @Ememisong @ini4phil

*   U take your movie to the cinemas, taxes will kill you. U go straight to DVD, the pirates wait with drawn out swords. I no go sell crayfish so?

*   Iroko film stands now in shops. You’ve got to give it to those guys. They aren’t here to play.

*   @toluogunlesi We’ve had people from several countries follow us on set, as far as Japan, writing on Nollywood. I’m yet to see the African.

7. @reminola

Bio- Writer, writer, truth seeker, tv content developer, producer. I do not have to suffer fools…gladly or otherwise Totally nuts about the two men in my life.

Lagos, Nigeria ·

Tweets We Love

*   #mentalillness I wrote a film about MTBI (mild traumatic brain injury) called ‘The Haunting’ see it if u can. We need to educate pple more.

*   Seriously thinking of letting go of my passion for d movie industry (It just isn’t worth it here) & embracing & utilizing my passion for cooking.

*   Being a screen writer in Nigeria, your reward is in heaven. A good movie starts with a good script. In Nigeria, they will credit the actors, directors and producers but hardly ever the writer unless it is really bad.

*   The love and trust of your partner is a heavy burden borne with ease on a clear conscience.

*   It’d b such a shame if we neva shoot a movie on any of Nigeria’s homes on stilt settlements as primary location. D picture! #UHeardItHere1st…Need it? Search it, Find it!


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