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Firstbank Launches e-Commerce Platform


First Bank Plc has partnered 3AL Limited for a portal to provide various services including retail, insurance products and e-ticketing solutions.  The portal, is, according to First Bank, Nigeria’s first social commerce channel which has social media and e-Commerce capabilities. It has social media features that enable businesses to interact with potential customers while its e-Commerce functionality enables online ordering and payment for goods & services.

According to Mr. Akin Fanimokun, Head of Technology and Services, First Bank, “The social commerce portal will be a meeting hub for businesses and SMEs who wish to showcase their services online; shoppers who desire to buy goods at discounted prices and individuals who love interacting and networking with friends and loved ones from all locations in Nigeria and globally. The portal is the first of its kind in the industry, combining the power of social media and e-Commerce. It offers businesses access to display their goods and services on the web at no cost to them; retailers and buyers can comment on items displayed as well as have live interactions with merchants on particular goods and services.”

Also speaking on the partnership, the CEO of 3AL Limited, Mr. Oladapo Okupe said,” The portal will totally revolutionize retail business in Nigeria and Africa enabling consumers to interact with merchants efficiently and in a secure manner. As a proudly Nigerian initiative, 3AL Limited is excited with this opportunity to assist in the growth and empowerment of businesses and we are proud to have First Bank as a strategic partner in empowering Nigerians to grow their businesses, reach their goals and achieve their dreams”

First Bank says, the portal enables businesses set-up their online store, upload their products and interact with potential consumers. Online payment is processed by First e-Connect, a robust payment gateway deployed by First Bank which enables secure payments for goods and services through the use of all payment card types issued in the market today as well as enabling online ordering of products which will be delivered to the doorsteps of customers.


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