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5 Great Gifts for Dads this Christmas

 Fathers are lovely people; they just get closer to us as they turn grey and old. Sometimes, it seems like only the mums are recognized while the dads are kept on the sidelines. It’s high time we acknowledge that dads also make invaluable inputs in our lives and deserve to be appreciated, and what better way to show them that they are important than getting them a gift for Christmas. Just in case you’re wondering what gift is suitable, here’s a list of beautiful options you can pick from to put a smile on your dad’s face this season:

Electronic hair shaver

electronic shaver

Nearly all dads have to shave frequently to keep from looking bushy and untidy. One good way to help your dad go through the shaving routine with ease is getting him an electronic hair shaver. It is affordable, easy to use and what’s more? Every time he’s done shaving and looks in the mirror, he’ll have you to thank for his good looks.

Digital bedside clockDigital-clock-radio-basic

By default, dads are usually very busy people, especially being the head of the house. One very essential key to productivity is time management. A bedside digital clock will certainly make dad a perfect Christmas gift. It can be programmed to alert you at specific times of the day or week. Help your dad organize his. Remember, time is all we got.

A pair of shoes


Shoes are great complementary aspects of one’s outfit. It’s no news that a good pair of shoes will always boost the confidence of a man. As such, giving dad a pair for Christmas is sure to speak volumes. What’s more? You don’t have to break the bank to do this. You can get a quality pair and still remain within the confines of your Christmas budget.

A coffee makerkeurig-b60-coffee-machine

If you know dads and coffee, then you sure know something he needs for Christmas is a coffee maker. It doesn’t have to be elaborate; a single or dual cup coffee maker will do and most of them are not limited to coffee alone; they also brew tea. They are affordable, easy to use and will save him a lot of time spent on manually brewing himself a cup of coffee every time he needs to stay alert. It also gives him better tasting coffee with next to no effort at all. This is the perfect Christmas gift to make a huge impression on the heart of your dad.

A leather wallet


A wallet is an ideal gift for a man. As trivial as it may seem, a man’s wallet tells a lot about him, and that statement isn’t referring to the contents of the wallet, but the quality of the wallet. That’s why a leather wallet is a superb Christmas gift choice as it will stand the test of time. Getting your dad a wallet will not only add to his confidence but also help him keep important documents like his identity card, driver’s licence and ATM cards handy.

Getting a Christmas gift for dad isn’t necessarily as hard as it seems. Aside from the ones listed above, there are several other affordable options if you’ll just let yourself think and get creative. Christmas is a time to build or strengthen existing bonds and getting your dad a gift may just be the perfect way to start.


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