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5 Great Gifts to Give Moms this Christmas

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“Sweet mother”, the famous song goes, “I no go forget you, for the suffer wey you suffer for me…” and so on. The point is every mom has gone through some form of discomfort on account of their kids; be it in child birth or up-bringing and they deserve to be appreciated. Christmas presents the perfect opportunity to do just that. The following gift ideas will sure help you put a smile on mom’s face without leaving a hole in your pocket.



Every mom adorns herself with one form of jewelry or the other because as you may know, women like to look beautiful. Identify which piece of jewelry makes your mum tick; be it fashion earrings, necklaces and pendants, rings, bangles, wrist and ankle chains, etc and get it for her this Christmas. Not only will you add to her beauty, but every time she puts them on, her heart is sure to fill with warmth and love towards you.


Make up kit

Whether it’s a slight touch of powder and a light lip gloss or a full blown series of facial rituals, every woman uses some form of makeup. As a matter fact, it’s strange to hear “make up” without the picture of a woman coming to heart. Women are very sensitive beings who take pride in how they look. Rekindle that pride in your mom this Christmas with a brand new make-up kit.


Hand Bags

Hand bags: handbags, handbags, handbags; women are almost inseparable from their handbags. They also usually have several of them in different shades and colours to enable them have a suitable one for each outfit.  Adding a new one to mum’s collection for Christmas most definitely will be welcome. Compliment your mum’s look with a cute handbag this season. Just be sure to know the type that sits well with her; whether it’s the ones that are as big as mini travel bags or just a small clutch bag.


Fitness Equipment

Nearly every woman worries about putting on a few extra pounds or layers of love handles and I can almost bet that your mom is not an exception; or at least mine isn’t. So, help her achieve her weight loss goals by getting her a piece of fitness equipment. It could be as small as a pair of hand weights or as big as a treadmill depending on what you can afford. She’ll certainly love it and even love you more. Plus after Christmas, she may need it to work off all the meals she chunked down in the spirit of celebration.


Deep fryer

There is nothing like a good meal to a home and often times, mothers man the affairs of the kitchen, at least in traditional African homes. As a result, the idea of a deep fryer is sure to be a welcome one. Not only is it safe for use, it will spare your mom the hassles associated with conventional frying methods (frying pans, etc). Make the Christmas meals preparation a lot more fun for your mom by adding a deep fryer to her cooking mix.

Moms, sweet souls that they are, deserve to be appreciated. More so when you think of all they have to sacrifice to make sure you’re happy. What better time to show you’re grateful than now. Any of the gift ideas above is a good way to start towards making and keeping your mom happy this Christmas. Of course there are a million other options such as ankara, shoes and easy foot wears, fashion watches, kitchen wares, and lots more for you to add to the mix. Just enlist your creative side and you’ll be sure to come up with just the perfect gift.

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