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Android: Beyond Apps


By Ayo Dawodu

Nowadays, mobile devices, tablets and phones alike are built with high capacity memory (RAM) size of at least 512mb and processor speed clocking up to 1ghz or even 2Ghz, some of which could compete with some laptop computers. One would expect that these devices would begin to take some of the responsibilities of full-fledged computer systems as a result of these changes. 

Going Down Memory Lane to 2012

Dear Friends, something profound happened last year; smartphones sales overtook PC sales! ayo Dawodu @tjwizking February 14, 2013

This can only mean that:

 Mobility is pushing the boundaries of computing and it is doing that majorly with the #android operating system. ayo Dawodu @tjwizking September 9, 2013

Actually, PC sales were surpassed by the sale of Android mobile devices; by PC, I mean laptops, desktops and servers that carry the most popular OS vendor – Microsoft Windows, put together.

With this, a great ecosystem of apps, as we mostly know it, has been enabled. We literally have an app for everything.

However,  if we dare to explore further into the world of android, one would make some interesting discoveries. We can move beyond apps as it were.

We can begin to have technology pieces fuse together with the Android system to do really interesting things.

No one knows what is up Google sleeves; only they themselves. There may be a possibility of giving Android a bit more flesh for it to be at par with a standard operating system. But even with what is available, we can bring one or more technology components together with the Android system to solve more problems; and one thing that justifies Android fitting into the shoes of some other operating systems is its low cost access.

A few examples

For solutions as simple as information display, to more complex systems like the proposed iron man helmet to be used by US soldiers, we have a really wide array of possible solutions that would not just fit the conventional “app” outfit.

I have seen some receptions hook a CPU box with a LCD TV or monitor, only to be displaying some PowerPoint welcome presentation or the day’s program schedule or something of that sort. Today, such act would be considered a waste.  A cheap Android stick can do that flawlessly, costing you less and allowing for convenience in maintenance and all, plus it’s portable.

There are several other possibilities

Mobility is indeed pushing the boundaries. This is also opens up an avenue for application developers and problem solvers in their domain to proffer interesting solutions.

To give this a bit more perspective, think of it as your regular Android phone without a screen plus an output and input interface – HDMI, USB.

Now think of the possibilities.

Next year, we should expect to see more from the Android world. I simply can’t wait.

Are you thinking of a solution already? You can share in the comment boxes below. 

Questions are welcomed as well.

Do have a great 2014!


Ayo DawoduAyo Dawodu is a technology startup developer and norm opposer. I’m always looking to improve the economic figures of Africa by helping small businesses exploit technology. I’m an avid fan of Android. Follow me on twitter @tjwizking

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